Crypto Mondays - Tron, Steem and Bunch Of Fire-Pay Noise

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What a time to be alive...

In case you haven't heard....Steemit Inc has a new owner!

If you did already know that, then you've seen or heard the CLUSTER of rants, raves and 'I have no idea what to think' posts on Steem this past weekend...

Monday means...Calm? Positive outlooks?

We'll see....And oh hey, more USE CASE for the CTP Token!

Saving unicorns is a must!

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Interesting stuff Jon, not watched before.

Where does the show go out live from? Is it the same time every week?

We stream on the CTP Facebook page and then record it for Dtube. Yup, every Monday and Thursday nights.

Great, would you like me to include in the weekly listings post that has just restarted?

That would be awesome man, very cool!!

Can you drop me the links and UTC times please and I will add in. Thank you.

Awesome man, it's 1am UTC (Mondays and Thursdays - but I guess it would be Tuesday / Friday on UTC) If that makes sense LOL

And here is the CTP Facebook page:

The live stream shows up there.

Hi Jon, thanks for the details now added...

Let me know if any of the information needs amending.

Awesome man....Only chnage would be on Thursday's show, we just call it Thursday Night Live :)

Other than that, looks amazing man. Appreciate your support!

Good show Jon apologies for not been able to attend.
Re : Steemit and Tron I have adopted my usual attitude to it and am doing it.
I will sit on my fence and see what happens.

LOL You and me both man....We shall wait and see :)

Great show as always, Jon! Thanks for recordings... and I'm happy about the people who have used this awesome offer that you gave the last night...

For sure man, had a few people take us up on the offer...Was great to see :)

Great Show as always and I'm like you, Still not sure what to think or what to expect from Justin Sun and the impact Tron will have on the entire network on Steemit and with Steem. Nobody really knows what to expect with this merger but from a business perspective I see huge potential if it's done right.

Yeah that's just it. If this is done right, this is the biggest merger / joint venture in history ;)

Great content last night Jon! I need to earn more CTP token so I can use it for upgrades on Firepay.

The top 20 holders in CTP do a great job of curating content. Keep pushing stuff out there, they are rewarding active members for sure :)

Thanks for a great show @jongolson, and yeah if this deal with Tron is done right the potential is massive, let's see how they will move ahead, but as you said they are don't have a competing product to offer so it makes perfect sense that they want to grow Steem as much as possible, and you made a really great offer with CTP tokens and FirePay, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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On paper, it's a fantastic partnership...But alas, egos, pride....Always get in the way of greatness.

Thanks @jongolson, yeah that is true but let's hope that this goes smooth, stay awesome.

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Great show Jon!! Boy that is some kinda great offer !! Now that is what I call free stuff, I hope folks take you up on that offer tonight. I am going to have to keep some ctp tokens free and not stake them all from now on. Have a great week .

Free them up, get some markets moving...We've got the power lol

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