The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - What A Week!

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Wow, what a week....

Where do we begin?

Tron buys Steemit!

Steemit launched communities (You should join ours here btw - )

And we're still getting downvoted LOL

Doesn't matter! You guys ROCK and help make this community and project so much fun.

Let's ignore the noise and keep BUILDING! Keep engaging and keep creating!

Featured member of the week?

None other than the man, the myth, the legend - @the-sports-nerd

He's Scott. He likes the Browns. Feel bad for him and give him a follow ;)

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There is no other way to pull that guy out on the light of the sun, but featuring him here... :) Just joking... @the-sports-nerd is the man of Discord and late-night Sundays (at least for me late)... He is everywhere on #socialmedia... :) Jokes aside, I'm glad that we will see him more often in Discord and STEEM... He promised...

ANd the past week was really turbulent... A lot of the Steemians had run to the woods, but I think that they will come back in a few days...

Communities are out and I will take a closer look and try to be active in our, and use every possible potential that they bring...

Dang right he promised....And I'm going to hold him to it LOLOL

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

It's an exciting time to be alive.

Also Steem was very stable for quite some time, but volatility is definitely back in the market. In large part, but not totally, influenced by the bitcoin price volatility.

$1000 differences in a day are happening again. Imagine what would happen if this translated in $1 swings for Steem or ctp token? People would go nuts 😜

In the mean time let's build that community

$1000 price swings for CTP Token....I could get used to that LMAO

Now that! Would be an interesting situation 😜🤣

hi @jongolson. Yes, it has been a hectic week. Seems like a lot of steemians are reacting but not really knowing what to do or understanding what is going on. Engagement as slowed. I see a lot of powering down accounts.

In my offline work like for 35 years, I've seen companies come and go. Mergers; acquisitions, takeovers, both friendly and hostile. You name it. All we as the people who keep the wheel going in any organization is to keep doing what you're doing until told otherwise.

Panic, gossip, spreading rumors doesn't help. It's a distraction and just causes indigestion. I've read so many posts speculating the good and the bad.

I'm headed on the road towards 10K CTP Tokens. That's the only thing I have control over right now.

Thanks for sharing your advice to just ignore the noise until specific instructions on the fork in the road is given.

Have a great day, and take care.

That's exactly it for me...I can control, what I can control. What Steemit Inc does or doesn't do, isn't in my frame of influence...So I will just stick with CTP and keep creating and curating :)

Congrats @the-sports-nerd.
I just broke 10,000CTP in the last day, now try not to change it too soon. :)

It will be interesting to see how the new community interfaces change things.


Yeah man, we're sitting here for a while lol

Thanks for the post and video Jon! Always great info! I am enjoying learning about Steem and crypto in general. I can't quite understand why they would downvote content and expect people, especially newbies (Me) to want to keep participating and creating. I joined the CTP community on Steemit.

Ahhhh that's exactly what my argument is. Why on earth use downvotes on people that are trying to find their footing here.

Use downvotes for abuse and things of that sort...But downvoting because you dont agree with something will hurt more than help.

Thanks @jongolson the kudos is much appreciated, and I plan to be more active not only on Steem but the entire web... look out #socialmedia here I come...

It's a great place to build a home! And you are positioned in a very unique spot to crush it!

Great to see @the-sports-nerd as the featured member of the week. He does a great sports show weekly he just needs to advertise it more!! As for the sale of time will tell if it is good or bad for steem. As for SBI we just need to get a few whales backing it and I think it will better. Have a great week all

Yeah the longer it goes, the more excited I am about this merger.

Thanks for a great video Jon, and nice featuring Scott I have not paid attention to his shows, too much else going on besides sports, but I gave him a follow and upvote.

Saying that a lot is happening on Steem these days is almost an understatement, got communities figured out at least, or this version of them in case they change up ahead, I will stop the cross posting between communities though, it's too ugly since it creates a new post that does not end up in the tribes, so Steempeak has some work to do there, should be kind of like a resteem instead but for resteeming to a community.

Keep up your great work and stay awesome.

Appreciate you man, thanks very much for the comments.

Yeah I see big potential for communities but right now it's not very user friendly. They'll get it figured out though