The CTP Book Review - Fanocracy by David Meerman Scott & Reiko Scott

in dtube •  2 months ago  (edited)

There are books that absolutely blow you away when you read them...

Marketing Lessons from The Grateful Dead was just that book. I did a review of it years ago on one of my older blogs and was blown away when the author, David Meerman Scott, actually came to my review and gave me a personal thanks in the comments for reviewing it.

He didn't have to though, because regardless, it's one of my favorite marketing books ever...

So when David releases a new book, I'm always going to support him! I love his stuff and think he's one of the more important thought leaders out there when it comes to this social media stuff.

This is my review of his newest book 'Fanocracy'!

I hope you enjoy it :)

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thanks for a good post and a nice tip! Respect

Thanks man, appreciate the comment!