The Road To 5000 CTP - The Value Is In The People!

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Another awesome week on the Road To 5000 CTP....!

Thank you all for your amazing comments and engagement on the post every week!

And this week, I wanted to highlight one of the original supporters of everything we do online... Mr. Rob P. @Cruisin

This guy is one in a billion! And a huge supporter of everything we've done when it comes to this crypto journey!

I am looking forward to reading your comments and remember....Every week we:

  • Upvote your comments
  • Respond and engage with you
  • And send you a shiny awesome @SteemBasicIncome unit!

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Me getting a mention you make me speechless and then you made me think what have I done wrong now. Or is this an endeavour to try and get me to do more?
It has been a fun journey which ever way I look at it and while I am still on this planet living I will be on the sidelines or should I say on my fence been the crow I am participating in some fashion or just watching.
Thanks for the mention you made me blush.

You are the bomb :)

Thanks Bloke 🙂

lol a little bit of both....Mainly because I know how much fun you will have with all blockchain stuff once you get your feet wet lol

Thanks for a great video Jon, and Rob @cruisin is a great supporter of CTP, and he made an Awesome post on Appics, let's hope he continues, it will be him and Russell and Pixie competing to be the Gary of Appics, let's have some !BEER

As to Canadian teams in hockey, let's just say my favorite team is HV71 from the Swedish Hockey League (SHL), check them out,, and as to SHL here is some history,, and this league also completely dominates the Champions Hockey League (CHL),

And as to price and community, the real value is of course in the community, and if Blain gets his code ready for the IPN I am very confident the price will follow too.

Keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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My favorite player in the history of the game....Mats Sundin.

Least favorite...Daniel Alfredsson LOL

I see a Swedish connection ;)

Great, my absolute favourite player is Peter Forsberg, he did really well before he got to the NHL, I am sure you remember his goal that got Sweden the Olympic Gold against Canada in the early 90's.

I am getting close to 5000 ctp about 450 and I am there

Nice nice....Now start creating some content and watch it double in no time ;)

Wow I have been out of the loop lol. A big congratulations to @cruisin for this week's spotlight & to @ericburgoyne for last week. They are both two more amazing people in our growing #ctp tribe. It is so great to see everyone getting recognizing for all the unique perspectives we bring to the table.

@appics is another great platform for people (from all tribes) to show glimpses of their lives when blogging or vlogs wasn't something they were comfortable with. The more user case dapps we have, the more others can express themselves & jumpstart their blockchain journey in the way that's authentic to them. Pretty awesome when you think about it. :)

Things are getting exciting .... I am almost at 25K like you. Just got to fly over @ph1102 because he is crushing it, too LOL. ;)

I'm really excited about that platform and application....Gonna start using it a lot more.

Yes, so am I. Working into my flow content. 💗

Let it go, let it go... :)

Congrats Rob for the weekly spotlight! Even the crows deserve some recognition ;) I will add the same comment I gave to @ph1102 the other day: If people thought more in go with the flow and create content and share their journey to the world instead of counting the pennies, life here would be so much easier! People forget that outside Steem there's people that makes blogs, photos and videos and it takes sometimes a LOT to reach to the gold! Here just commenting I'm already winning! No, it's not a pot of gold, but much better than nothing at all :) Let's enjoy the Steemride!

And we're just getting started :)

I know that sounds like such a sales pitch, but it's so true....Watching you guys grow and keep crushing it has been awesome!

Wow, Nice Program. I hope I can join this party :) To have a value in community CTP is the best

Everyone is welcomed!

I like this new format by highlighting someone at the beginning of the show... Rob (@Cruisin) is definitely one of the most recognizable people in our Discord chat and I hope that we will see more things from him here on CTPTalk...

Like, Eric, he is always there with tips and links to help newcomers and to pinch the old ones... just to wake them up... ;)

We have an awesome community around the #CTP and others can just be jealous about that and join us... :)

LOL Oh I agree 10000%. Both of them are huge assets to the community. But don't yourself short either, your blog posts have been an absolute joy to learn from as well.

12000+ now :)


Keep crushing it man!

Great to see ctp talk looking a lot cleaner now so it is easy to find good content. I am seeing more folks posting and that is great. Great to see more and more folks getting closer to 5,000 ctp , and a new batch hitting the 10,000 mark as well!! As for the price I think ctp tokens will take off as soon as Blain gets that project done so folks can accept ctp tokens on there sites. The Calgary Flames he best team in hockey that is a dig back at Jon. Have a great week all

LOL OH we'll have to agree to disagree on that one ;) Go Oilers!

Hi Jon! Almost there.. I should be reaching the target any time soon. Btw, is everything ok with SBI? Perhaps you have updates.. ^_^

Yeah I think they are just catching the 'HF21 downvote disease' LOL

Someone is on a mission to downvote everyone using SBI....Silly. But alas, it's the blockchain....It's all fair in love and war.

Thank you. Now that's comforting to know. 😊😊

I am a litle far away (2653 CTP in an alt-account) but I will reach the 5000 soon, I hope.

Thanks very much for the comments and that's awesome....Heck ya, you are really close in fact :)

Congrats Rob (@Cruisin).
Well I have been in the 5000CTP club for a few weeks now and just joined the 5000SP (Dolphin) club this week. I blame Jon for most of this as earlier this year I was aiming for 100SP by year end and he convinced me to put some skin in the game and with my first fiat to STEEM purchase I became a Minnow. As they say the rest is history.

So awesome to see that man...Congrats on it all! And thanks for contributing to our little slice of the Steem pie with CTP :)

Congrats on the honourary mention Rob!!@cruisin After all these years and all these ups and downs, you deserve it! Well done! :)

Jon, @jongolson thank you for being awesome for all of us! I resteemed this for more love! Happy Steeming, Lee :)

Appreciate that, thank you very much :)

You're very welcome! :)

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Thank you so much!

Hey @jongolson, here is a little bit of BEER from @flaxz for you. Enjoy it!

Enjoy the beer, @jongolson and @flaxz! lol

Hey @griega, here is a little bit of BEER from @flaxz for you. Enjoy it!

🍻🍺😉 !BEER

Thanks for the beer, Erik! @flaxz lol

Oh yum!! Beer for all LOL ;)🍻