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Was the week good to you #D.Tube? I'm glad you decided to check out my video. Big shout-outs to all the tribes that have welcomed me into their collective, #CreativeCoin, #PalNet, #WeedCash and, #NeoxianCity!

I make these videos for everyone to enjoy, but mostly I love being able to have a creative outlet for my well-being.

Today's video is another original song. This one was co-written with one of my good friends. Enjoy!



written by: Jon Coriell (Jonny Gun) JGVinSTL

Now I've searched for my treasure
And I found it in that dark and stormy weather
And I like what I see
And know that you're the only treasure for me

I looked to the east and I headed to the west
And I found the treasure I like best
And you know what I've seen cause I've seen it in my dreams
And you you're the only treasure for me
And I like just what I see

Now I'm searched for my treasure
and you know I couldn't get too much better
And I like what I found
And I know I buried my treasure six feet down

And I looked to the north and I have headed for the south
And I found my treasure by word of mouth
And you know what I've seen cause I've seen it in my dreams
And you you're the only treasure for me
And I like just what I see


Thank you for checking out my video here on D.Tube! I appreciate each and every one of you. What is your treasure? Let me know what you think down in the comments!

Until next time, with big hugs from me...



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what is neoxian all about? anything? like pal?

Yes, they are an all encompassing kinda deal like Palnet, but they are more discord focused.

They have contest, giveaways, and a cool system.

I could not find an invite link for the discord though. I probably don't have the ability to create one, but try and get ahold of the mods there in Discord

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You can use the tag without the discord, but being part of their discord is kinda the focus.

thanks for the info!

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