The harmful effects of brainwashing education since childhood

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During a student gathering in Melbourne, Australia to support the democracy movement in Hong Kong, TR News correspondents interviewed a small group of international students from mainland China and received full answers. unexpected, far from the way the world looks.

These students revere communism, though when it is impossible to explain the reporters' questions, it seems that their thinking remains unchanged. Although they were in another world, their minds were programmed long ago.

By watching this video you can understand why people in communist countries like China have not overthrown thisism. Although reality may be right in front of their eyes, even though they have no reason for their beliefs. Many people dare not look at the truth because they are afraid that the values they once believed to be garbage, many were blind, and many were indifferent to everything. And that is why the communist still exists.

Video: Avi Yemini
Sub by Le An Telling

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    The only thing public school did to me was get me to distrust public school.

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    Best reply of the solar system :) Perhaps you're right even though I only attended public schools in Vietnam. Other countries I don't know, but I believe what you say. Bad experience!
    Thanks for stopping here @badpupper !

    try 3speak ... more rewards there and the video will work indefinately...

    it is crazy tho that some of my friends see the communist party as their religion or even are ok with them putting people into concentration camps, after first denying it for long until i showed them sufficient evidence... the uighur are only the most recent religion they put into camps, while the persecution of falun gong has been ignored by western media for 20 years now... some advice me "why do you care? its safer not to care." ... some get angry that i talk about their country...

    Thanks for your information regarding 2speak. I will try it in the following video.

    Although the avatar is quite small, but I can recognize that you are a Falun Gong practitioner. I want to tell you that. I am Vietnamese and in my country Falun Gong is also hindered by the government from practicing, or making it difficult.
    I have also wacthed of Master's videos (translated into Vietnamese) many times but I haven't been able to practice until now, maybe I do not have predestined :(so bad. And I also know what happened to Falun Gong practitioners in China, maybe even worse than what I know.

    Changing mindsets takes time, many people are mentally oriented from birth to adulthood. Therefore, changing their minds takes time and in this era I hope a lot with the support of the internet and I am also waiting for free wifi worldwide, I am sure the good news will soon come with us.

    Thank you for being here @maxsieg

    im sorry but im not falun gong. my avatar is the movie cover "human harvest" which uncovers the organ harvest of living falun gong. falun gong in my city organize sometimes documentary screening to bring awareness to western countries that these attrocities happen, so they can create laws such as a ban on organ tourism to china.

    since im german and i find it contradicting how ignorantly western countries trade with china, knowing many of the chinese goods are produced in a concentration camp, while after the second world war people mourned about the concentration camps saying "ignorance allowed these attrocities to happen".... now they happen again and no body gives a shit and it pisses me off...

    You are a wonderful person
    I think the government is not for humanitarian purposes, they have other goals. So civil society is born to balance. I hope more humane organizations in the future and with the help of the internet, all information barriers can be removed and hopefully horrible things will never happen again!


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    Some of it comes from the belief that people are always good enough. When you believe that people are good, you may need to blame the problems of the world on money. So, some people actively choose to attack money as opposed to attacking bad ideas. Sadly, some people will demonize money and also people who might disagree with them. So, that then pushes them to not listen to the other side in a debate.


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    @annzhao 所长 在晴空万里 开着UFO 给您送来

    吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


    Part of their faith in Communism stems from the Sinocentric belief that whatever the Self-Anointed "Central Nation" is practicing MUST, by nature, be better than anything else in the world. If Xi repudiated Communism tomorrow and declared China a Capitalist country, they would all swear Capitalism was the greatest system known to man and that China was the best in the world at it.
    Chinese students are taught from an early age that the Chinese State is infallible.
    I'm not speaking on hearsay either.
    I teach in their public schools.