Laps on the Green Problem

in #dtubelast year (edited)

This is solid V1 traverse problem that works off of green and white colored hand holds and yellow with green striped foot holds. I am pretty happy with the movement through the problem and the holds are just positive enough to feel secure but not very big. It can be made harder by eliminating all but the smallest foot holds which adds a +. It is about a 20 move problem in all so feels a little sustained as every move is about equally difficult.

My goal each day I climb the wall, I warm up on the larger holds above to get the hands and fingers and upper body warmed then I work the green problem in laps for as many as I can do. I will get through an out and back then take a break, going back for another couple burns after 5 to 10 minutes. My best was 4 laps but I am already up to 6 today so I will see how many more I can get through before I am wore out. Most likely only another 2 if I am lucky now as my fingers are sore, but I want to do more so will see what I can finesse my way through.

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