Claim And Stake All Your Tokens - In Just 2 Actions Using Steemworld

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It's Wednesday and the weather is really great.

Claim And Stake All Your Tokens - In Just 2 Actions Using Steemworld

In this video I talk about Steemworld and how you can use that to claim all your Steem-engine tokens, like CTP or LEO, all at once.

And they now have a new feature where you can stake all tokens that you select in a single action.

This saves a lot of time, especially if you need to claim and stake a lot of different tokens, or if you have more than one account.

Read all details in the announcement from @steemchiller here,


Erik Gustafsson

Do your own research before investing.

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Erik Gustafsson

Do your own research before investing.

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Quick question. Somewhat unrelated but maybe you can help me out. I saw a some people posting their youtube videos directly on Dtube. Any idea how that works?

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Thanks @jeanlucsr, yeah that is very easy, just copy the link that you get from the share button on your Youtube video, then go to the Dtube upload and paste it in the upper field where it says Youtube, and then it will fetch the video, the title and the content from Youtube.

Then you include your tag, Dtube only has one tag now, so if you want more edit it later through another interface.

And you can also upload your snap to Dtube, uploading the snap in Youtube is done in Youtube Studio if you do it on your phone, but I always upload the snap on both Youtube and Dtube.

Stay Awesome!

Awesome! Thank you for bringing that to our attention bro!
Man that is gonna save me a lot of time!!
Great news!
Cheers dude!!

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Thanks @nicolcron, yeah that is a real time saver for sure, between my own account and my project account, claiming and staking all tokens took 30 minutes per day in Steem-engine, now it's done in 5 minutes.

@flaxz, thank you for sharing this awesome video with us!

Interesting information about how to claim and stake tokens easily!

Thanks @cryptospa, yeah this does really save a lot of time, stay awesome.

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Thanks @dty, yeah that is a real time saver, and the bundled staking was just released, do note that you can stake a maximum of 10 tokens in the same transaction.