Crypto Vlog (29) : What "Steem Basic Income" (SBI) [ lets learn it]

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Hi Friends,
Today's Content: Crypto Vlog (28)
Topic Name: What is SBI

Topic Description:

In today's video, I am talking about SteemBasicIncome. Its very popular service in steem blockchain. To understand how it works and what is the feature and benefits of this service watch this video. I have shared here SBI related information. I hope you will find it useful to you. Let me know your suggestions in comment box so that i can improve my @dtube Vloging.

You know is a nice platform. I am loving it. I am spending much time here rather Youtube.

**Lots of Textile, Science, Earning related topics are coming in this channel. Stay tuned.
Thank you.

This is "Saiful's Classroom" by @engrsayful

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What is the difference between a vote subscription service such as SBI and vote trading or vote buying?