BackYard Cannabis Farming 2019 - Episode 16: TRIM TIME! Instructional Video

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This episode will teach anyone how to trim cannabis flowers. I provide a simple and step by step walk-through on how we do it. I also discuss what type of scissors I prefer and why.

Photo from a few seasons ago - elsewhere in Oregon

While this used to be the most efficient means of processing flowers, there have been advancements in technology with mechanisms like trim machines and powered trim wands, but in my experience, nothing yet matches the quality of hand trimming - and many people will not want any cannabis processed by machines or other electronic devices.

To see a more comprehensive trimming instructional video, click here for last year's trim time & episode 13 of season 1.

There will be one final episode for 2019 after this one where I show off my buds and strains.

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Here is the series so far:

Episode 1: Planning Your Grow

Episode 2: Transplanting Cannabis, Organic Pest Control, Strain Varieties

Episode 3: Preparing Your Grow Space, Treating Burnt Plants

Episode 4: Optimal Organic Soil Formula, Creating a Raised In-Ground Bed, Protective Fencing - Minimizing Energy Consumption & Repurposing Materials

Episode 5: Transplanting into Final Grow Space, Topping Plants, & Finishing Animal Fencing

Episode 6: Applying Proper Feedings with Organic Nutrients

Episode 7: Feeding After Topping, Storm Damage, Selective Leaf Removal, & Caging Cannabis

Episode 8: Final Topping, Leaf Removal, & Safely Sacrificing a Male Plant

Episode 9: Understanding the Language of Cannabis - How to Check if Plants Need Water & What Leaf Tip Curling Means

Episode 10: Organic Pest Control Applications, Flushing, & the Delicate Healing of Nutrient Burn Combined with Potential Root Rot

Episode 11: Bamboo Branch Support, Blocking Light Leaks, Switch to Bloom Nutrients, & Beginnings of Greenhouse Construction

Episode 12: Restructuring Supports for High Winds, Reasons NOT to Water When Plants are Drooping, Identifying Nutrient Deficiencies & Solutions

Episode 13 - Greenhouse Complete, Moving Plants for Protection, Wiggle Wire Supports, & Adding Organic Compost Tea

Episode 14: Greenhouse Wind Damage Repair, Caterpillar Infestation Solutions, Releasing Beneficial Bugs, Recognizing Botrytis, Washing Flowers, How to Half a Plant, & Garden Security

Episode 15: Harvest Time & Plans for Next Years Grow


Click here for links to all the 2018 Episodes

Click here to see the signs of a male plant

Click here to watch us take down a 7 ft tall male cannabis plant
Trailer Park Boys Style

Click here to see our Blue City Diesel harvested Indoors


Please enjoy episode 16 of this year's Backyard Cannabis Farming series. Hopefully we all acquire wisdom for growing cannabis effectively and organically together.

From middle-end of October 2019

Click links or pics below to play episode:

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Blessings everyone & stay tuned - into the right frequencies

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Nice! Great blog @elamental 👍❤☃️

Thank you @yogajill!

Great job Ela - your videos are always useful to canna crew I'm sure! You always put your heart into everything you do and wanted you to know your presence is appreciated xx

Thank you for the validation - everything you said is true. Sometimes I wish more people in my personal life would recognize these things and say things like this to me. But I do not take for granite anything in my life, or any relationship, no matter the type or amount of distance. Much love sista.

A perfect shirt to trim in too!

Thought you would like that.

Canna T-shirt for the win! haha cant wait to see the next post where you showoff your harvest.

I have great examples for everything aside from Vampire Cookies - which was my favorite one (hmm... wonder why its gone). I do have one small nug of that strain for the video though... I have great examples for everything else.

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