snd_pstcrd {ambient modular synth patch} {mannequins mangrove & three sisters}

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Going to be posting some older content that's no longer available as I prep my new composition space for documentation. I'm also experimenting with cross-posting to Youtube in an effort to be one of many exposure vehicles for the Dtube and Steem platform. Given how easy Dtube has made it to cross post, this is a no brainer.

... when your view looks like promotional material from Requiem for a Dream. Plaits plods in lpg mode, Mannequins Mangrove and Three Sisters provide horn textures with lazy formant shaping via Make Noise Maths. Basimilus Iteritas jangles along. Miss my Varigate 8+ / Voltage Block combo and my DIY travel case.

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DO banner.jpeg


Haha! You went south although you're looking a little bit like Dexter in this one:P
You should head here next:

Retired these gloves, big time.

Wonderful alien vibes, cross posted to Alien art of Steem!

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Wonderful alien vibes, cross posting to the Alien art of Steem community!

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