"Campire Simulacrum" - Live Elektron Digitakt in Nature

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Employing practical visual effects and the Elektron Digitakt, Drumoperator returns with another head-nodding, log-burning jam … composed entirely from the sample library I created with some of my favorite eurorack modules and continue to refine during downtime on my travels. This piece relies on complex single-cycle waveforms captured on the Dannysound EN129 Thru-Zero oscillator, effectively turning the Digitakt in “loop” mode into a wavetable oscillator. I’ve watched several videos on this now and am extremely curious how this technique will translate on other samplers. I’m getting some nice gurgling textures out of my Mangrove samples here but had to labor pretty hard to get the kick to hit in post production. Before I release the library, I want to get a day or two In with the Qu-Bit Scanned and my Noise Engineering gear to add a few more highly impactful (but still weird and modular-y) kicks and snares to the pack.

Being forced to create with -only- your own samples, especially given I’m aiming to refine the to be comedically viable, has been a classic case of limitations bringing inspiration. Hope you enjoy the strutting campfire disco vibes I’ve got going on here and stay tuned for more as my sample library endeavor continues to develop!

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Drumoperator San - I bow deeply to you and your Samurai level electronica... this is a masterwork!
The fire burns in beautiful rainbow colours on your planet/dimension - kudos!

Upblasted and retransmitted! =D

Thanks dude! And thanks to the random psychedelic flame packet that came with the cabin!

hey dear @drumoperator, great sound, a good way to start the day with energy! keep on and thanks for sharing with us !!have a good day :-))

Woot woot!

Awesome track thanks @drumoperator.Resteemed

Much appreciated @sallybeth23. Hope all is well in your world. New photos on your blog look super sharp!

Thanks so much.

Hello Hello!

I agree with some comments, the lights give it that special touch that gives it much more rhythm

Greetings from Venezuela

I was hoping for some synergy! Much appreciated.

The lights match the fire in the background nicely. Nice beats, what device is that?

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It’s the elektron Digitakt, which is on the surface a “drum machine” but is really more like an MPC or a stripped down version of the flagship Elektron sampler, the Octatrack.

Thanks for stopping by!

Awesome machine. I know very little about drum machines. Seems like it has a thick manual full of features.

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