Is 5g Safe for Houston (Fox 26 Interview)

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On December 20, 2019, Derrick Broze appeared as a guest on the Isiah Factor Uncensored to discuss the concerns around 5g.

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I work with antennas and RF every day. I have studied, and had to obtain a license to do so. 5G is non-ionizing radiation. It’s not a threat at the frequencies or operates, and giving voice to these people who know absolutely nothing about the subject just instills fear in those that see these shows. I’m all for free-speech, But these folks are spreading misinformation.

You may have the experience you claim, but non-ionizing does not mean safe. I am releasing a documentary on this topic next month with plenty of evidence. I have also interviewed experts in biochemistry, biology, and rfr.

@dbroze, I don't know with Certainty but 5G Technology is reflecting as a Technology which can affect the Natural Ecosystem of all beings. Let's see what is hold by the future.

Wishing you blessed Year 2020 and stay blessed.

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Nothing about the science was discussed. Why is it harmful? How does it harm people? Did your mention "5G" isn’t one thing? There is high frequency 5g,then implementations Like T-mobile who are using low frequency 5g. Lower frequencies have higher reach. Higher frequencies are SO easily blocked Which is why more towers and closer towers are needed (its pretty impractical, really). Instead you throw around the word Cancer that scares people into concerns about 5g, yet mention nothing of the similarities and differences between the "studies" and how it’s implemented in real life. Very often the dose of radiation in studies are never attainable by phones. Would love to see the actual behind your concerns.

I am guessing you are new to my work. Search my page for 5g and you will find what you are looking for. Thanks

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