1 year on steemit and Dtube, I hope to be the first of many - STEEMSKATE FOREVER.

in DTubelast year (edited)

Hello friends, welcome to another video for my channel, as you saw in the video title, 1 year in this great community and big family, I really entered in March but I don't remember exactly what day I am doing it because it is the month where I enter.

In this channel I have been through so many things, positive, learned tricks for you, learn to edit, among other things, but thank God everything is positive.

Thanks for the support if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be motivated to continue uploading content, I made a compilation of some things because I really uploaded a lot of videos, and well you know that this channel is not only mine, it is my friends who They help record and help me collaborate, so I hope you enjoy it.



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Happy anniversary G! I am so happy to have you here with us! Let's push our skateboarding community to the enxt level with love, patience and fresh ideas!

P.S Ramons Nollie Bs Tail, Luis Noseslide Bigspin and your Fakie bigspin manual body varial were SO GOOD AND SMOOTH!