Video Tutorial on How to Get your PALcoin Claimdrop!

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Hi Friends,

If you've been on Steem at all the last week - then you've probably seen a lot of buzz for PALnet. In case you've been just casually observing and wondering what it all means and how you can get in on the claimdrop - then here's a video walkthrough to explain it!

I've read through the white paper, an assortment of various posts made by fellow Steemians and sent a few questions to team member @crimsonclad to clear up my remaining questions - all of which I chat about in this video.


There are three components to this video.

#1. A quick "cliff notes" level version for parts of the white paper, what PALnet and PALcoin are, how to get involved, why you should jump in and why it was founded in the first place.

#2. A video tutorial on how to get your claimdrop through Steemengine.

#3. My remaining questions on the project - answered by @crimsonclad!


Additional Resources

For those who want to dig a little deeper and read more... here are a few articles I found particularly helpful when getting my head around it all.

Here's a little teaser...


I hope you guys found this video walkthrough helpful! If you have any additional questions about PALnet - then please leave them in the comments below! If I'm not able to answer them - then we can definitely tag @minnowsupport or another team member to jump in and help.

See ya on PALnet!

XO 💋- Lea

Here is a youtube link for anyone who needs it.

▶️ DTube

thankyou SO MUCH for this! Im totally PAL'd to the max now with my superfine coindrop luxury feast! Blessings, blessings. Your tutorial was magic : )

Yay!! I’m so happy to hear that. 😃

Your all Pal’d up now 😝

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You know it. 💪🏻

Dear @coruscate, i cannot find any reply button on the bottom of your post, so how i can reply you?

Hmmm that is weird! Perhaps it was just a small glitch on PALnet... do you see the button now?

Yes dear, it was in the second row...

Let’s get dem’ PAL Tokens 😅

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Time to start Stackin PAL! 😆😉 💰

Great video and write up good to see you on Palnet it makes no sense not to be earning in both places lol.
Where you able to upload directly from Dtube to Palnet I noticed mine still pushes over to steemit.

Heheheheheh..... Remember this questions.. Just hold it for a while. :)

lol, I will take that as a secret message ;) Keep up the awesome work you all

Right?? Why not post to both?

I upload on dtube and just used the #palnet tag to have it show up. Super easy!

Ah duh always forget that lol ty

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Time to collect more palcoin...

Get it girl!! 💪🏻

I want to claim this tesla behind your back :D

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Hahah wouldn’t that be nice! 😜

wouldnt it be nice if you covered this song? :)

 last year 

Seems like a great explanation and touched on a lot of the common issues. Great work!

Thanks so much @clayboyn! 😊

What a PAL!

Up top my friend! 🙌🏻

I have seen a lot people talking about it. Just joined myself. If nothing else it just feels fun again to see people earning a bunch of coins.

Right?? Love the energy!

Thanks for the tutorial..

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You are welcome! I’m so glad you found it helpful. 😊

I keep getting this error message when I try to log in:

"Oops! Something went wrong!
Missing Active Authority"

I have no idea why that is or how to fix that.

And then when I try with the Steem Connect Extension, I get this message:

"Oops, something went wrong. Here is the error message:
"Invalid cast from string_type to Array""

Do you know anyone who can help with that. What's the PALnet Discord address, I'm guessing I need to get in touch with tech support there.

Oh no!! Hers the link to their discord for support-

maybe first check to double check you are eligible?

They should be able to help out!!

Thanks! :)

ok they were able to help me and it worked. I got my token. Don't know what to do with them now, so I'll just hodl until I learn more lol ;)

Yay! Glad it worked! 😃 I think you’ll be able to use your PALcoin in the future I’m exchange for votes from the @minnowsupport account. Hodl’ing isn’t a bad plan either! That’s what I’m gonna do right now too. 😊

What was the solution for this @binkyprod? :D I'm having the same issue :D

They said to use my Active Public Key. I had to refresh the entire browser first and then it took a few minutes once I did that to get my coins, but there was no error anymore. I used the Steem Connect chrome extension.

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Yupp already figured it out :) thankss!!

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Thanks, I had the same problem. Loved your video and how you can bring conversational energy to such a technical topic!~

Thank you so much!

I am honestly very surprised I have so many PALcoins already. Steem-Engine is so amazing! Just drop my coins off in my pouch please.

That’s so awesome!! Keep stacking PAL 😎

Excellent tutorial
I love your videos...

Thank you! ♥️

I will check it out. Time never works in my favor, but will see if this time I can

Oh no! Well if it doesn’t work again - maybe reach out to their support in discord-

Hey can anyone help? I'm on Steem Engine and I don't have the PAL logo to claimScreenshot (5).png

Hmmm well I would first recommend checking the list to make sure you were eligible for the claimdrop.

If you are and it’s still not showing up... then maybe reach out to their support in discord-

It looks like the PAL airdrop must be finished because the icon to claim the airdrop no longer shows up in the wallet. Nevertheless, this was the first time I had heard of PAL. I had heard a little about Steem Engine and Smart Media Tokens, mostly in respect to the upcoming Dtube token, but this was the first time I had heard about another project using the technology.

Having a look at Steem Engine, I see there are actually a ton of tokens already out there, some of which already have decent value. I think this will make Steem more fun and can address some of the issues of the Steem blockchain and Steemit platform perhaps even better than the current proposals.

Lots of excitement for sure! The airdrop should still be happening for a few weeks ... so maybe first check to double check you are eligible?

If so - maybe reach out to their support in discord.

No matter what I do I get an error message with this:

Oops! Something went wrong!
Missing Active Authority the-bitcoin-dood

Tried it in both Chrome and Firefox. Anyone have any idea why?

This is getting really weird ... Now it says I don't exist when trying to buy coins.

Validation errors in your request!
The user the-bitcoin-dood doesn't exist


Maybe first check to double check you are eligible?

If so - maybe reach out to their support in discord.

Hmm... maybe first check to double check you are eligible?

If so - maybe reach out to their support in discord.

I don't know why I can't see icon to claim tokens. Anyone faces the same problem like me?

Hmm... maybe first check to double check you are eligible?

If so - maybe reach out to their support in discord.

Dear @coruscate, i am trying to make some post in the, but i cannot see any rewards, always i can see it in, how i can turn it?
It would be very easy if a post made in turn immediately into PAL rewards...

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Because of your video tutorial and the efforts of the PAL community I have just taken my very first step into the world of tokens!! Now to join in on PALnet...
Thank you for the help :)

Just found you on You are a refreshing presence for the Steem space. With Palnet what exciting times the future will bring!!

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Omg thx for this! I was travelling last 2 weeks and just today realized there's some new thingie around haha :D

Soo just decided to quicly find out what the thing is :D Watched ur whooooole vid on 2x and ALMOST got my PALs :D

But getting this error now :/ Lemme try it later :)

This is great, so far I've only seen posts where people tell to "claim your airdrop" without giving any instructions how to do it. Finally I found it.

Thank you for the post :)

Magic, thanks claimed mine. Will do a blog helping other folks get on too thanks to your simple vid ;) Cheer$;)

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This was really helpful :)

I am excited too
Have claimed and staked
But like to you checking on as many posts to get a better understanding

Hahahaha, that Drama Token...congratulations ;0

Thank you for breaking it down ;)