A new milestone ! - I'm among 500 the most reputed steemians. ☺

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I'm really glad that I'm among 500 the most reputed steemians now.

You can check that here : https://steemitboard.com/ranking/?p=1...

That was really a long journey.

2 years of creating content on steem everyday.

I will not hide that the first year I used a bit bid bots.

But when I joined @dtube I stoped using them.

So, making daily videos helped me a lot.

D.tube is one of the most rewarded applications.

Thanks as well to all steemians who upvoted me and supported me all this time.

I like the fact that the reputation in steem is not related to steem power we have.

So, I can still grow my reputation, just by creating more content.

Today was a rainy day and I recorded a cool video showing that and showing what's arround my house.

Next goal is to be among 400 the most reputed steemians.

It's really great when you set a goal and work hard to reach it.

You're welcome to join @dcooperation , the community to collaborate.

Subscribe to my youtube channel here to watch my interviews

Read the white paper of @dcooperation here : DCooperation's white paper !

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Congratulations, my friend. That's a great accomplishment. I'm at 3541 haha. I think I need more followers any more SP before I can be in the top 1000. But hey, you're in the top 500, and I'm in the top 5000 😁

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Yeah, that's cool. I just like to motivate people a bit to work harder. For me it's just an incentive that make me create more here and never give up. You can be in the top 1000 just by using bid bots much faster, but I know that you like to grow organically and I respect that in you. Thanks for congratulating me. ☺

It's sometimes tempting to use bots, but I don't understand completely how they work, and I don't really want to invest my time learning how that works either. I'm good with the organic growth, even if it's slow, it's nice and gradual. Though sometimes a bit faster would be nice, there are things to be appreciated from slow growth and the journey.

Yeah, of course, that's why we have dapps created and now tokens. They created a lot of usful dapps and now we have tokens almost for everything. By the way, if you claim your @dtube account now, you will be able to earn dtube token as well. D.tube now is working on two blockchains, steem and avalon chain. And you don't have to wait so long as before to upload your videos, you can just share your youtube links and earn from that, I know you don't care that much about the earning, but on dtube we have now much more traffic. Because each token created now is able to create its own dtube. Check their update please, I'm almost sure you will like it.

What do you mean by claim my D.tube account. Because I have one, the same as here and I use ghis name when I log into dtube. I haven't logged in in maybe 2 weeks though. What do I need to do to claim my dtube tokens?

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About the tokens, you will earn them automatically, but now they are not tradeble, it's in testnet mode, but they will be tradble in the next update.

Yeah, you have to claim an other account on dtube chain, not on steem. Here is the details : How to claim a dtube account !

And when you upload a video there, or share your youtube link, be sure that you are loggin in with both accounts.


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Congratulations! People succeeding is always good. I also did use bots for a little bit, but I did not feel it was right

Thanks. I'm glad that more people want to grow naturally. Let's keep using dapps and growing and improving that way. ☺

Congratulations! That's big news. :)