Symphony Orchestra "Us 2": Bosnian & Croatian Rock Music Interpretations

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Bijelo dugme: Ružica si bila
Bijelo dugme: A i ti me iznevjeri
Parni valjak: Jesen u meni

Accordion: Valentin Vale Celovec
Djembe & Bells: Nikica Karas

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This is delightful! I like this duo and their music! I play djembe, too, so this was very special, thanks for sharing! 😊

Thanks! Merry Christmas!

Hi careassaktart,

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@curie thank you very much! 😃

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hi dear @careassaktart, this is a great music !! a rhythm so cheerful and lively that makes I want to dance ;-D keep on, congratulations on your curie vote and happy holidays

Thank you very much! I'm glad that you like it! Happy holidays!

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my pleasure, have a beautiful Christmas ;)


What a joy to hear from lovely people to create haha music

Greetings from Venezuela

Only positive vibes! Salute from Croatia!

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