NiceFoto Softbox | Alternative to Aputure Light Dome 2 - VEDA Day 22

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Today's video is about the NiceFoto Softbox. If you are familiar with the Aputure LiteDome 2 with it's quick setup and take down, then you'll really be interested in the NiceFoto softbox as it's mechanism is exactly the same as best I can tell. You can easily snap and release the softbox in and out of it's shape allowing for quick and easy storage/transport if needed. It comes with 2 layers of diffusion and a grid which allow it to soften and create beautiful light for videos.

NiceFoto Softbox -



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looks great!
Here in Thailand i can buy this for around 70-75$..

Wow man that is a really great deal. I'm blown away how easy and useful this is.

Excellent review, Teasing myself with ideas of lighting for at my new place 😅 not quite small enough for on a desk. Most likely grab one of those circle lights if my current house lamps don’t work out 😆

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Indeed it is pretty big and takes up a lot of space. Really you can do a lot with house lamps and stuff.