Old Steem vs New Steem [faceFud]

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Thanks @whatsapp for making a post that inspired me to make this video.
The music here is by C2C, called F-U-Y-A

Thanks to Mr. P from @thebombkids and to @squdsi1 for briefly coming out of retirement

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Well done....what a great video!! Mr. Percy has the right outlook ...thanks for educating us all on the “new Steem”.

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Yep. mr. P is the man

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Hahaha awesome video! Love it! And I love the vibe it transports :) Go fuck "old steem" and start to explore the "new steem"! Super super fresh!


I just get tired of FUD. It is simple for me. I’m here to learn, interact, improve, earn, develop and fuck around. So I seek others with symbiotic motivations😍 you my friend @tibfox go above and beyond.

People like you make me stay enthused... despite the blah blah popcorn... nah

This is so @buttcoins! Excelent video, excelent excecution! Full of laughter and education! There you go Old Steem!

My man @artakush .. let’s do another comedy collab. The time is now

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Ha ha ha ha that was great man!

Best 4 and a half minutes I'll spend today for sure!!!

@jongolson !!!! Thanks man. Just me being my dork self and sharing the mix of truth and silly. Thanks for watching man... glad the 4 mins+ were not too long. I try to keep my vids shorts and digestible.
Hope you will be in the BKK mansion this year🔥🔥

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Soooo late to see this, but it's AWESOME! You're the embodyment of New Steem :D Really really amazing video :D


Thanks @soyrosa it twer a joyous labor of love to make! Glad you liked.

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Hahaha that was funny.. and Mr. P you are one of the youngsters on NEW steem :) keep on steeming!

Mr. P is a champ. Ready for this world!

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New world? :P or old world ? ;)

So funny but its real.........Excellent done man!
Thanks for sharing this great vlog.

Love you too btw <3 :)


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Sorry I missed this!!! It is great. :)

I would like to repost it with you as the beneficiary if that is okay with you!

☺️ you have my permission

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that kid so cute :D

Yes a cutie indeed😁

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perfect visual for the notion of the emperor's new clothes! :)

Yes. This butt needs clothes.

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The truth is out there my no be wan

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A bot comment?


Bot or human.. just have the decency to make it feel real!!!🔥 great to have you visit my content! You seem real

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