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This life brings us moments of accomplishment. Here we see that rite of passage with Ryan my cuz!

The music here is Shempi by Ratatat

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Congrats to Ryan and I wish him well and congrats to you on a well crafted documentation video of the event.

Thanks @sultnpapper was a nice day a great excuse to have all the family together.
Yeah I took my time on this video... as I kinda see it as a gift to Ryan and Shirley.

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Certainly was a great day!! Nice video....thanks for all your work in creating a “forever” memory that we can look back on for years😎

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I think you did your part too😉

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Love it man!

A fun, sunny graduation party and day. Great video of the event m8. The cuts and editing really gave that feeling of being there 👍🙂☀️

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Thanks Raj!!

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Congrats!!! And yes, agreed... that was the "easy bit" hahaha :D

Yeah, was a nice day with the family... though I had to inwardly laugh at a lot of the speeches. ‘We will remember these moments that shaped us for the rest of our lives’
I have a vague recollection of my time in high school but it fades year by year. 😂

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So many things that shape us! I never made it to the "end" of school - it bored me on ridiculous levels lol! But college on the other hand, I poured my life an soul into and it played host to some of the most pivotal memories.

Perfect choice of music to go with this bro. Genius haha.

I remember my graduation. We just went for ice cream :/

This is strange. I left the comment above on DTube and it auto-upvoted.

Certainly are some oddities at play. New ... new kinks.
Im happy to ride out the bumps, it feels good being part of

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Thanks @adetorrent I put a lot of time into this edit. As for me it was also a give gift to Ryan and Shirley to have for memories.

I guess this was kinda like a glorified ice cream party.

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Looks like it worked 😃

Please update your profile to include your Steem username so that your old videos will show up on your channel page.

I think I have now done that. Thanks @techcoderx

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Is your sister's house? ... How beautiful it looks, congratulations to the graduate!

It is actually an Elk’s club my Aunt Shirley rented to host the graduation party. I have a video soon that is at my aunts house driving around in a funny small tank like vehicle.

A day to remember and cherish forever congratulations to Ryan :) a start to a new journey

Yep...he is off... now the real work begins 😉

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