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I was home just recently. I was lucky to hook up with my buddy Joe. We joined Steemit at the same time. He is called @almondbutter but doesn’t post anymore because when he first joined he thought it was like reddit and re posted an article he liked. And he was flagged for plagiarism. lol. Joe is the farthest thing from a scammer or plagiarizer. It is unfortunate for steemit that this misunderstanding happened because Joe is one of the most talented guys I know.

We managed to have one jam session get together a few weeks back. This is a short but sweet little harmony riff that came out of that Jam.

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You can sing,too...

Lol. There was was a time I called myself a Poet and Singer. I still am those things, I just added more labels ... Dad, husband, business owner, vlogger, and crypto enthusiast.
Back in the day I was in several Bands. I miss singing in bands and making music with friends.
I’m trying to talk Joe into coming to visit me for a month so we can Jam. We got together for 1 day when home and made 4 improv songs... imagine if we had a month🗣

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Oh, such a shame he was chased away by the flag. There are a lot of people like that sadly..

You guys remind of one of my favourite comics growing up :)

Yeah. I was so new to the community. I had no idea how to help him. I wrote steemcleaner to vouch for him... but being a plankton in Steemit is rough.
He looked like a scammer with a 15 Rep.
I got him to comment 2 times recently and Got his Rep back up. But it just left a bad taste and he had no desire to be part of Steemit. Secretly

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Great track loving the video effect makes for a good vid, nice work 💯🐒

Thanks for popping in to check it out @vibeof100monkeys was fun to make and adding the effects I thought made it more interesting to watch.

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Very good, is it some filter or something like that for video effects.

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