How To Stake & Delegate On Steem Engine

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Step by step instructions on how to claim, stake and delegate crypto tokens on

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handy info, thanks

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Thank you for the explanation @atomcollector! one thing less that's a mystery to me ;)

You're welcome. Let me know if there is anything else you want me to do a tutorial for.

First of all, i really want to thank you for all the efforts you put into the indie music community!

I'm still in the beginnings with the crypto / blockchain thing, but since you've got me in there i'm getting the idea. As soon as i can put a finger on a 'new mystery', i'll be delighted to take your offer and bother you with my lack of insight.

Anyways, this is a real great thing going on here, and i am glad and greatful that you've introduced me to it.

Have an awesome weekend!

It is my pleasure and I really appreciate you thanking me. I'm sure everything will become clear with time!

it will and it does. Than you for your kind words @atomcollector!

Have you the same tutorial written ? My spoken English is a little bad ;)

!giphy oups

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PS. I couldn't find you a suitable GIF (sorry!)

Not at the moment. I just tried watching the video with "closed caption" on and it seems quite good so you could try that? Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 19.34.08.png

Hi, @atomcollector!

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Great post!!!! Thank you Jux!!!

!giphy thankyou

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Thanks Billy. Hope it makes things clear.

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