Me And My Friend Travel At Rever Research Institute

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Hello everyone

Rever Research Institute Faridpur it is very famous place in our country.As you all know I live in Faridpur.The name of my district is Faridpur.The name of my capital is Dhaka.My village name is Darikandi.However from where I took these pictures this is the first headline of today.This is one of the only places in our Faridpur district to "River Research Institute."I took these pictures from there yesterday.Me and my friend went to "Rever Research Institute".You know there is a river research institute in Faridpur.

Introduce Myself

I am Alamin I am from Bangladesh. I live in Faridpur. I am a student.
My favourite subject English and mathematics. I study textile deploma.It is located in Faridpur. And when I get time I help my parents working. I love my parents and my family is my first platform that's why that I cannot forget from my life.This is the first platform in my life that has something important and worthwhile.Life has changed a lot since coming to this platform.One of his biggest improvements is that my English speaking reading skills have increased a lot.I am grateful to this platform. @zaku @bdvoter @azizbd
I want to work with you forever. I'm not a style man. I am a simple man my favourite game is football. and my favourite hobby are many types such as travelling music garden. Many time I pass with my village brother. I love video editing and photography.

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