Draw This In Your Style Contest 04: Fashion Girl Sponsored By @dinglehopper

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Welcome to DTIYS Contest,

Draw This In Your Style is a fun activity anyone can explore and participate in. No matter what level of drawing skills you got, you can definitely join and share your drawings here. What's important is, we celebrate our own individual styles. This is also an opportunity to develop or learn about our own drawing style. So what are you waiting for?

How To Join

  1. Draw your own version of the drawing reference provided below. If you have a distinct style already that would be better, but that is not a strict requirement. This DTIYS contest aims to help you discover or explore your own style.
  2. Use any medium, tools, materials you prefer. Your creativity is your limit.
  3. Make a blog post about your entry on the Draw This In Your Style Challenge Community. Joining or posting in the community is not mandatory, just use #hive-154202 and or #dtiys on your post so I can find it.



  1. One entry per participant.
  2. Your own original drawing only.
  3. Upload your drawing and a link to your blog post on this contest announcement.
  4. Make your submission before this contest announcement expires.

Not Mandatory

  1. You may share this post to your friends by rehiving it or mentioning it on your entry post.
  2. Encourage engagement with fellow participants by leaving comments on their entries.
  3. Take part in choosing the winner via dpoll

Choosing The Winners

Seven days after I made the contest post announcement, I will be creating a poll on dpoll.io to help choose the winner. Poll users will vote for the 3 entries they like best. Anyone on dpoll.io can take part in the selection of winners regardless of their reputation or HP. The poll will be open for 24 hours only. Once the scores are in I will make a separate post to award the winners.


Winner: 3 Hive

There will only be one winner. That winner will receive 3 Hive.

Runners Up: 1 Hive each

I will give considerations to two more entries and these will be the runners up. 1 Hive will be given to each runner up.

Here is the reference drawing that you need to recreate. You may upload it in your entry post if you like.
My daughter Justine also loves drawing fashionable girl characters like this drawing. She used washable color pens on a small white board

If you have questions or suggestions let me know in the comments. If you want to support and keep this contest active feel free to give it a like or send your donations for the prizes.

For this round of the contest, @dinglehopper provided the prize of 5 Hive


Thank you for stopping by


Very interesting contest. Keep up with the good work.

Thank you for dropping by we appreciate your support and kind words 🤗

You are the first 👍

Looks like a character from a video game well done

Love the Edgy look