Indo-German Breaks

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A while back I encountered an old friend, who went completely off the grid in 2013 for everyone. We grew up together and used to have in common that we both painted back in the 90s. He was always a musical genius, who played the drums, piano and guitars and he could just switch. Mainly he was just also one of the best drummers I have ever seen. I was making music using midi modules as far back as 1995 and used a Midiman keyboard to make midi tracks in Logic, which I used on Windows until version 5. I remember days when I took floppy's to with data to my friends studio because he had all the synths (1995-1998). I got my first Sound Generator in 1996 and a Roland MC-505 in 1998 after loving the predecessors. I still use that Roland Groovebox today. Nevertheless, me and my buddy were making a lot of music together in 2013 that we never really finished, or published. In this track I chopped most of the samples and partly even recorded some on the streets as well as my own voice. As I co produced it and had it along with hundreds of instrumentals and track I recorded I needed to check in with him first. He decided to want to remain of the grid and I will be able to check out some of the later work soon. Most of the arrangement, sequencing and adjustment of time and pitch, as well as editing was done by him. We both put in some work doing this at his place and took days. Some loops and Riffs might sound familiar as we also used some famous samples and flipped them differently. I intended to make something for dancers and Graffiti Writerz with him. I also shout out my graffiti crew in India called the Aerosol Assassins Crew. Usually his Beats remind me of someone like 9th wonder, Dj Premiere or some Apollo brown type stuff. This track was produced in Switzerland and is a collection of my Audio souvenirs from India, where I lived in most of my twenties.

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