'KNOW WHAT I MEAN' - Episode 80. [CrackSpider] FULL SHOW. 白蚁.

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The saga continues!!

... Every cloud has a blinding silver lining!
Being down and out in london means internet is a scarcity. Unfortunately I couldnt broadcast this show over discord this week as usual, Instead I performed this is a basement for some crack smoking midgets ... You think I'm jokin'?!

Said midgets gave me some magic beans. A giant definitely appeared, but I like him so I won't slay him! Not yet anyway! ... If you dont like giants, stay away, and if midgets freak you out, this aint for you! ... Cos the golden goose is just a myth and true giants are hard to find anyway!

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Episode 80.
18thFeb 2020.
'Know What I Mean'.
Broadcasting from deep beneath the matrix. 白蚁.


All respect and rights to the artists that I sample and spin!!
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Catch us ...... If you can!!
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Peace and enjoy.



Worldwide Cypher Jam Round 91.

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