'KNOW WHAT I MEAN' [ **Episode 78** ] FULL SHOW. 白蚁.

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'Know What I Mean' is a podcast of some dope extrasensory stuff!!
... but its more than that, It's become a blog/diary of my life!!
If you wanna hear some ill (real) hiphop, new beats, classic beats, my mate ringing to say he's having an operation n' he dont want that shit on the internet, or some tramps fighting in my kitchen (1:08:13),
.... 'Know What I Mean' is the third ear podcast for you!!

kwim 2.png

Episode 78.
28th Jan 2020.
'Know What I Mean'.
Broadcasting from deep beneath the matrix. 白蚁.
Special shouts to @onemedia and 'just me'.


All respect and rights to the artists that I sample and spin!!
Live every TUES 9-11pm (UTC) on SMA Discord server.
Catch us ...... If you can!!
Hit 'Listen from source' below to DL to listen whenever da fuck you choose.
Peace and enjoy.


► Listen on DSound
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Still waiting... patiently

So what we up to? Contest back on?

soon as i get a 30mins to do it, Im on it!!

Just let me know

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Big up!

Music is the art that makes life flow

Always a wild time to be had on Know What I Mean

Soz didnt manage to get onto discord this week. Hope the message got thru from 'just me' I ended up recording 'offline'. currently in a cafe with free wi-fi doing my 'net stuff' for the week!!!

Whatever it takes to keep the flame burning!!!