'Piano Apparition' - [Worldwide Cypher Jam - ROUND 87]. TERMITE. 白蚁.

in dsound •  10 months ago 

白蚁. 白蚁. 白蚁.

Worldwide Cypher Jam - ROUND 87!!!!
Jam on my beat!!!!!!
Beginners encouraged, experience respected!!!
You have until Sunday 3rd Nov!!


To enter, hit up HERE!

Use laptops/phones/home studio/cameras or anything you want!
Lets f**kin' jam!!!!!!!!!



► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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My uncle died at like 18 in a car accident. Never got the chance to meet him, even though he died many years ago he is never forgotten. My mom said he would've been a film maker, he was extremely artistic. He could draw anything, he was a great poet too. Crazy part is he knew he was going to die beforehand too, before even stepping in the car, like weeks before.
(Recorded with my phone, slightly mixed in post)


I got the RRAAH has to be a good sign lol

Been stoooooopid busy these last few weeks man!!! Soz if my responses are more like noises!! haha! This is deep man!! appreciate the words on screen too for my bouncing brain!! Glad you back on the jammage bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol RAAAAAHAHAHA :) All good! Btw would be awesome if you can resteem this post please. Thank you. https://steemit.com/creativecoin/@burningzeal16/my-mixtape-the-flaming-barbeque-mixtape-tracklist-revealed

yeah DEF!!!!!!!
Also sampling this for my next 'know what i mean' show!!!!!!!

Appreciate it bro!

@bsusushba in da house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you done giving the token out? No help? I just sent you some more.

So you done giving
The token out? No help? I
Just sent you some more.

                 - paulmoon410

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Doing the conclusion tomorrow so I'll send em then.
20 to everyone who enters ok?
2 entries this week

Word... You want some help promoting?

Always man!!!!!! I dont sleep!!!

You still interested?

Bruv!!! In what!?
Help in promoting the cypher jam?

Oh shit wait, your coin?
It keeps asking me to sign into 'steem connect' but then I cant log in. Cant send the transaction on steemengine

You need the Steem keychain extension