Worldwide Cypher Jam [ ROUND 87 ] "Jam with me and get steem too!!" 白蚁.

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白蚁. 白蚁. 白蚁. 白蚁.
... Wot up Steem jammers! It's Round 87!!!
This beat, I call 'Piano Apparition' 白蚁.


  • Play my beat below and record yourself doing your bars/freestyle/song/scratch/verse/guitar solo or whatever you feel over it!

Download link:


  • Use whatever you want to record or capture it!
  • Post your entry (or post a link to your entry) below.
  • Best entry to the cypher gets the STEEM from this post!!!
  • You have until Sunday 3rd Nov!! (2 weeks)

Also for this round, we got some of the brand new Museician token to give away courtesy of @paulmoon410 Hit him up for more info!!

Beginners encouraged, experience respected!!!


... Lets f**kin' jam!!!!!!!

... Peace and enjoy.


► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


Big up to you

Big up yourself!!!

Let's get rich

I can only make loops right now... So if you want to run the contest right? We can host the beat we make on MUSICOIN you don't need to be on there you just need a Musicoin wallet set up and I can drop your percentage into it if we collab on some beats? You just want the short loop or you want it a certain length?

My uncle died at like 18 in a car accident. Never got the chance to meet him, even though he died many years ago he is never forgotten. My mom said he would've been a film maker, he was extremely artistic. He could draw anything and was a poet. Crazy part is he knew he was going to die beforehand too, before even stepping in the car, like weeks before.
(Recorded with my phone, slightly mixed in post)