'KNOW WHAT I MEAN' [ **Episode 65** ] FULL SHOW. 白蚁.

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Episode 65.
Broadcast 15th Oct 2019.
'Hello, Is it me you're lookin for?'
'Know What I Mean'.

Live every TUES 9-11pm (UTC)
kwim 2small.png

SMA Discord server.
Catch us in the act ........... If you can!!


'Know What I Mean'.

... Worldwide Cypher Jam Conclusion to 86 ...

Peace and enjoy.


► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Live? Live what? How's discord work?

Yeah! I got my mixer going into discord! If you got a mic for discord you should come by man!! It works on phones too!
All live so anything can and does happen ... sometimes!!

I have telegram right now

Aint got that. get on discord, trust, we can even jam on there, if you record your end, u got content too! Also be good to chat bout this new coin n stuff. Im learning bout this stuff daily, but i still know nothing

I'll see what I can do. I'm trying to establish a channel on telegram