Teeth & Claws [Teeth & Claws, Pt. 1]

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Teeth & Claws [Teeth & Claws, Pt. 1]

'Teeth & Claws’ was something that came out of the need to create something with a little bit of a dark feel to it. At the time (back in 2013), I had been creating mostly downtempo chillout tracks, but felt the need to do something a bit more moody and distorted, so I came up with 'Teeth & Claws’.

Originally part of my 'In The Middle’ single, this has been (very slightly) revamped to feature as the second track on the 'Slave To The System Album’ as well as being rebranded in the format of 'Teeth & Claws [Teeth & Claws, Pt. 1]’.

Not too sure where the name came from originally, whether it had just been conjured up inside my head from listening to the track, or if it was when I used to watch a lot of repeats of Being Human on BBC3.

Anyway, a couple of years later I tried to remix this track after playing with one of those PPG synths and whatever drum machine it was (TR-505?), which didn’t exactly go as I had expected; the results were a similar, but created a completely different track. This track ended up being called ‘Afterdark’, which I subtitled as 'Teeth & Claws Part 2’ and was added to my Vampire Bat release (another one I should forget about).

Also while I was creating "Part 2", I tried bouncing down the track to test the levels out, however left some of the channels muted (or was it soloed?) omitting the drums and exposing the FX returns a little more, creating another more ambient variation on the concept. So there is also a “part 3" to this.

I have been thinking of scattering all 3 around a release (like on tracks 2, 5 and 8 or whatever), I think I’ve taken this far enough now not to create part 4...unless of course I make another production mistake with it that I quite like the sound of.


Release date
30 November 2018

Thanks for listening!


More about Skaarl:

All types of music appeal to me, particularly the more relaxed genres - chillout, ambient, downtempo, trip hop, jazz, latin, IDM, etc. Usually I will create downtempo electronic tracks, although I go through phases where it gets a bit more upbeat, just whatever I happen to be feeling at the time.

2019 - continuing working with other artists, creating remixes for Juxta, Restless Natives, and Miss EfeMBy, as well as collaborating with winkandwoo on ‘Daybreak’ and ‘Messin’ Around’, also part of TygerTyger’s ‘Song of Songs’ collab that also featured wav-Dr, Onemedia and Dr Hailstorm. Member of the EMA collective, Blocktronika, and have been part the ACR community for several years.

“Skaarl is not only a great artist but very supportive of others on the platform, top bloke” - The Turtle Project

“Skaarl is a Cool Cat and a great musician. He pulls great heavy driving music out of his pocket and slaps you. Soft at 1st. His track ‘I Fear The Robots’ with Juxta says it all.” - wav-Dr.

“Skaarl has affectionately acquired various nicknames in the first couple of months in EMA but the main ones we refer to him as are “Trouser Man”, “Señor Trouser Man” and “Don Skaarlioni”! We’re surprised he doesn’t mention this in his bio below but we’ll leave it up to the man himself to tell you more!” - EMA
@emalliance (steemit)


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nice bass line on this bud

Cheers Mr Turtle, one of the darker ones...well...for me 😂