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We live in a beautiful world,with beautiful people around! I know for sure that beautiful people do beautiful things,.. Even in this world pandemic we are still positive about things that very soon everything is going to be perfect. We are positive vibes spilling around! Everything is possible if we tend to be positive about everything.

Having a positive mind is not easy as I said earlier on,before you can do this you have to build capacity. The capacity to be consistent regardless of present predicament, capacity to be determined undermining pressures and distractions we are faced with ,.. Capacity simply means ability to maintain good balance.
Sometimes, we might be faced with overdose of negativities, But still we have to be strong! We have to keep the faith and above all we have to be positive

Just my thoughts for the moment,I am sheilablisss22 a little girl having an ambition and she is determined to make a future out of it. There 's one question I kept asking myself Each day, when will my time come? When will the world hear my message?? I love music to the call and am so passionate about it,..
Can someone,anybody see all feel what am feeling deep down . just made a recent cover on my you tube channel..I made a cover of Beyonce's song titled " LISTEN" click on this link to view.

Am sure you get to understand more about passion ,Listen to the song here in my heart ,a song I had taught had died so long ago,...Listen to voice within my heart... I am
Alone on the crossroad am not alone in my own home and have tried and tried to say what's on my mind you should have known! I was motivated with the last words of the song " NOW I HAVE GOT TO FIND MY HOME"....my home here simply means following my dreams.

Left for me I can't quit music because I express myself more when am singing.. Beyonce poured out her heart when she did this song... She just made me to realise that they are tough times but the goodness is they don't last long....Hence I won't give up I will keep levelling up,.. This is my core duty I know I have a dream .

This bring me too;
Hivers ,I made a post recently I titled HIVE GOT TALENT" I elaborated more on talents hovers have and how it can contribute to the growth of this platform,.. My suggestion was a contest should be organised ,.. And guess what? I got a mind blowing response .. That says why not start it! Feel free to check my blog for more details,..I have given it a thought and am willing to support in the little way I can in this project..But please I still need your support..I have all plans sketch out but I need your full corporations.. Please Am calling on the support teams to please join hands so we can make this project a limelight..Together we can do this..


Hi @sheilabliss i responded to your last post and have it in "Hive's Got Talent" a project I have been creating for about two weeks now. Great minds think alive please check out hivesgottalent in the community list and check my response under your last post :)

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I'm interested! How to participate?

Goodone,,,i love your passion too

Beautiful voice as always

You killed it ride on, and shine bright like a diamond in the skys