DMILLIZ FreeStyle[ Dangerous Dub King Tubby & Radic's - Country Gyal RIDDIM ]

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It's been a minute since I voiced some tunes. Not that I haven't been creating, but voicing takes a special time and frame of mind for me. Last night I decided to take the mic and audio interface out of the box ( kept there to keep dust off) and get to free styling on some Dub instrumentals from the great King Tubby and Roots Radic's "Dangerous Dub" album.

Originally released in 1981, a year before I was born. I didn't grow up on these tunes but rediscovered them while living in Japan, imagine that?

Now while I know I can't release this freestyle officially, that is OK, because just the fun of creating on these timeless Riddims is bliss. It is an idea I have had for a while, well..... the moment I got the album from a friend here in Japan. It was the first time hearing a lot of these dub instrumentals. I instantly fell in love. While I have playlists of top quality modern Riddims to choose from, these old school Dub vibes keep calling me. The laid back and funky roots vibe just does it for me. This is actually my first time free styling on this type of Riddim.

Yes this is strictly a free style, no pen no paper just flowing. Enjoy, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Looking for Studio Engineers and Producers.

  • If there is any studio engineer here who would like to mess around with the mix let me know so I can send you the files. I am actually seeking good studio engineers here on the blockchain who can mix tracks for distribution.

  • Also Looking for a producer who makes Dub Riddims as well.

Until Next time, Big Up Unu Self.

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I was going to jump at this with all excitement....but dsound will not just load up

Yeh Dsound at times, well at least it is here LOl. Try a different browser.

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Well here is the YouTube version, just uploaded.

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good music are you? you sing well I loved it ..

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Hi, thank you, yes it is me, been too busy to create recently , but gotta set some time for the music:)

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Same as mistakili... couldn’t get Dsound audio to load it up... Hopefully eventually works bc I’m tryna hear you spit🔥🔥Would love to collab on some bars one day. I absolutely love freestyling

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Hey, not sure what’s up with that, I guess node issues in different regions. Yeah man, just getting back into the grove of things , would def be up fir some collabs. Here is the YouTube version I just uploaded. Hopefully it doesn’t get a copyright strike but only claim.

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Dsound nodes powered up like that jahmpow!! I feelin the IRIE vibes on that freestyle dmilliz in the building reggaesteem is a blazinnnn’ 🔥🔥🇯🇲🇯🇲

Yea mon some seen rasta vibes right there

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Respect man. Jus a hold a vibes, it’s been a while. Thinking to get some exec producing going on via reggaesteem in the future, maybe a way to get fresh acts onboard.

Drop a freestyle Conrad 😬✨

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Hold a vibes for sure, when time presents itself. It’s all about time

I like that idea. Would be willing to help too. Looks like our guy @luca1777 gots some work... I’ll drop a freestyle but I’m not that good with music production so it won’t sound as good, but I know the bars would be 🔥

Keep a Jahm’in wit usss

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Yuzeet, get it in while you can!
I wonder if @luca1777 mixrs his own stuff ?

Alright bredda ! Looking forward them
bars one a these days. Stay up bredda !

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Great stuff here.
You da Rasta man.
Serious sounds here.
This video will
have to be in the
Reggaesteem Video
archives time capsule.
Conrad and I enjoyed.
Yeah mon

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Thanks man , thankful I put it up on YouTube and only got a claim strike so the video is up but has claim rights to green sleeves label. Will post on reggaetube in a couple days. Bless up

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Had to commit again. Conrad and I digging on this. If you hadn’t told me
I would have guessed
Shabba. Yes mon.
Publish the lyrics next
show around. Also please place in Reggaesteem
time capsule. Worthy

Thanks for the motivation super, I really appreciate it ( Gonna have to listen to the lyrics and jot them down. It will be interesting to dissect;)

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