drug production of outposts does not contribute to daily future reward?

in drugwars •  last year  (edited)

I built several outposts and built a serious drug production there... however it seems as if that drug production of the outposts does not contribute to daily rewards at all...

is this a mistake or is this intentional?
If this is intentional why build an outpost at all??

@drugwars team: please feedback

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Bad game is bad

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I'll try to check. But my outpost (only one yet) is still too small in drug-production to make any conclusions because one needs quite a high production to receive any future at all.
For 360k a day on my main production I receive 11 future a day. So I need about 35k a day to get one future one the outpost.
I'll try to get there quickly to verify or falsify your assumption.

can anyone verify or proof right/wrong?
For my observation I relied on the numbers shown in the DW Interphase..
but the numbers strangely jump.. I actually do not trust the numbers shown there any more...

  ·  last year (edited)

Ok - I boosted my total drug production with more than 10% on the outpost but the amount of future I receive stays the same if the numbers shown on top of the page are correct.

they seem to have changed it... problem solved

Perfect title !

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Hi, which hashtag is especially bothering you?

I never said they bothered me. They just seem so unrelated.

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So as I'm late and I have no Outpost yet is it profitable to have one, should I care about creating one?

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If you want to keep on plying the game you should built as many outposts as possible.. 4 atm for each account