Apocalypse Now!

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I lived through the Apocalypse a few hours ago. There was a creepy flying shadow monster... flying around, being creepy. Then there was a full on war with Cthuhlu, an army of Flayed, and even a T-Rex. I tried to reach into my pocket and take a picture for you all, but that's when I realized you can't take pictures of dreams back out with you.

I don't know if you've ever had lucid dreams (where you know it's a dream), but it is a trip. I've been having them on and off for about 15 years. If you want to try it out, there are a few tricks you can employ. The best one is to ask yourself every hour if you are dreaming. Eventually you'll ask yourself that question in a dream and the answer will be yes.


The craziest part was that this dream was so insane (like it would have cost millions upon millions of dollars to reproduce on screen) that I woke up early just to tell my girlfriend about it. Turns out, she also had an apocalyptic dream about nuclear warfare. What are the odds?

I've always wondered if I'd live to see the day that dreams could be extracted from you and put on screen for other people to see. The ramifications of such a technology would be quite amazing and terrifying. I don't think it will be much longer before the brain gets hacked in such ways.

Anyone else have a dream about the apocalypse last night?

Mine was surely inspired by Stranger Things, but still.

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Most of my dreams are just weird, but I do have lucid dreams sometimes although I’ve never tried to lucid dream. But when I do have lucid dreams, I usually try to fly. Sometimes it works just fine, other times I just float thirty feet or so above the ground without being able to go in other directions.

The third season of Stranger Things didn’t seem as strong to me as the first two. Hoping for a better fourth season.

But when I do have lucid dreams, I usually try to fly. Sometimes it works just fine, other times I just float thirty feet or so above the ground without being able to go in other directions.

Interesting. For me I can usually fly pretty well to start, but then it's like I run out of energy and I keep falling back down to the ground.

I thought the second season of Stranger Things was the weak one personally. They are all pretty good though imo.

What are the odds?

About 1 in 1.
maybe 1 in 2, but closer to 1 in 1.

(the ones who deny this just don't remember their dreams)

There are great problems with putting dreams onto the silver screen.

  • in a dream, you "know" the history. when showing it to others, they do not know.
  • your dream space is not linear, so it is really hard to film a scene that you see as surrounding you, and place it on a flat rectangle.
  • There are many emotions conveyed to you by what you are experiencing, we have no technology for that yet. We get by with using music and characters emoting.

Anyway, film makers are a very special kind of person that takes their dreams and figures out a way to put it all into a little rectangle.

Very interesting point of view.

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I didn't dream about apocalyptic things last night, but I'm pretty sure that the dream was influenced by the other side of the veil. It was rather woo woo in nature. I don't usually have those kinds of dreams...

I dont want my brain to be hacked :[

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In the future, your brain will be used as a co-processor for movies. :P

You can also just regularly get into the habit of trying to do jedi tricks and float and shit, and if you succeed, you're either dreaming, or awesome! :P

I have never had a dream about apocalypse. It is interesting that your girlfriend dreamed similar to your dream. Both of your soul must be so close. Every dream has a meaning I believe it. I have had so many returning strange dreams before. Not anymore. I must have completed something that had to finished. I do believe if you have something to complete or achieve in this life you dream about it over and over again, but once you have done it it's gone. Let me share my favorite song about apocalypse.

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