A Strange Dream Like a Nightmare.


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After a busy day, I finally lay down yesterday evening on my pillow to seek rest and sleep, I see myself as contrary to what the sleeper sees in his dreams.

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I saw that I woke up from a dream that spanned decades to back, to find myself at home in my city warm in my sleep, and my mother was waking me up to prepare myself to wash my face and have breakfast, and then to go to school as usual every morning.

I was surprised and said, "Am I in a dream?" Or have I woken up from the dream to find myself in the realm of the past? I had a very perplexing, bewildering that made everyone around me notice her and asked me questions from all sides and towards: What is wrong with you? Are you ok? Where's my wife and kids? Where's my family and my? I have given up sleeping between my family and my clan for a moment, and I am waking up at another time! What I see now is past and gone, where am I? And where is the truth of my existence? Is it in the past? Or in the present? The future has faded between the past and the present!? I lifted my eyes and i see a group of faces I knew in the past and here it is in front of me in the present. No, this is not a dream, it is a dream i could see myself away from my city, in a place that extends in an area of village !, This is my father, this is my mother, my brothers, my parents' friends and friends from the neighborhood and school.

I got up standing up after I prepared myself to go to school, wondering, "Where's my phone?" What's this phone? The phone is in the house, not in the pocket, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and YouTube? What are these names? I finally got to this reality, so I hugged my father, mother and other friends, all of them waiting for a new day and interesting classes. I entered the department and still bewildered me, this school I had seen yesterday and I am passing in front of it which is a neglected and vanishing ruin and has crashed its sides and walls, but at the moment it looks elegant and modern and pure, its buildings and students, here they are now one in front of me one by one I've seen interesting conversations to get lessons back together.

A neat and beautiful section for everyone in it, is the second regiment in the history of my city to take the bac exam, here I got mixed up: How do I prepare for the bac exam this year and I am familiar with all the topics that will be put to us, which are still firmly in my mind to this day? And who's going to believe this fact I have on my own? Have I become aware of the unseen? Who believes that the Soviet Union will collapse and that America will lead the world with a president called Trump, this hour is still a child and today is also a small child? That I personally will go through adolescence and youth, then enter into maturity and use social media sites to convey these events on this page, and I am still alive and live between my children, my wife and my family?


Life must have its own law, and we must be part of this law, so in order for my life to fit into this reality, I have to wake up, because yesterday night's sleep has ruined all my life. I'm not even in it yet and I don't even have an ongoing concern .. And suddenly I hear the voice of my mother, Ops excuse me the voice of my wife and children calling me to wake up, because the sun of a new day shone with the purity of conscience, and an atmosphere seems to call us to the horizon, it seems that I have grown much enough or more, I hugged my children and thanked God for our reality from which we get tired, sometimes we run into a reality that has passed and passed, For the same and troubled concepts, and then we return to our living reality, which embraces us with all the warmth, kindness and tenderness, perhaps my vision is far from the truth.

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M'ssieu Abdo


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