Be There For Yourself When No One Wants To Be There

in drawaday •  4 months ago 

art quatro.png
Sometimes you feel the weight of the world is all on your shoulders. Wondering where are those people you expected to be there or to share that load with. Sometimes it feels like the road is endless and you never seem to get anywhere. You thought you could use a ready hand or ask for a quick direction because you yourself are confused and got your mind clouded already. I think it is alright to be alone. Have some time with your own self and think. Have a long walk while you process everything in your head quietly. Despite the chaotic world around you will find peace and quiet on your own. Go ahead spend that time. Take a look around and see how beautiful the place you are in.

Be there for yourself when no one else wants to be there

Hope you like this cute little drawing I made today for these thoughts that I had shared here. See you again tomorrow.

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