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RE: Flagging (downvoting) @samswim's (and other spammers') two words spam comments. Will you help?

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  • No. I will not flag (downvote) their two words spam comments, but I will flag (downvote) something else..

I will not flag one or two words but if it is everywhere the same comment (copy-paste) I will say something about it. The ambassadors of certain apps do the same. On @appics for example.

The downvote is meants for lousy posts, bad content, one line with a link, pictures without text etc and plagiarism.


That is exactly what he is doing. Posting the same comment ("great post") under dozens of posts.

@xplosive But that has not to do with one ore two words and can be done with a longer text too. I know what you mean but this is not something new. Will you downvote the comments or a post and say why?

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