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RE: **Are you in favor of New Steem?**(Use vs. Abuse)

in #dpolllast year

I wasn't sure I wanted Dpoll to be able to do posting for me so I didn't vote in the actual poll.

If it wasn't for Steemleo I think it would have been time for me to leave Steemit and just have my autovoter running.


I don't like to give permissions away either but I figured I signed in to an abundance of Tribe sites / used steemconnect so I went ahead and decided to use Dpoll. Using a poll seems to help with engagement on posts as people in general like participating in polls.

My content creating and attempt at helping user retention are going to be slowing as well. Steemleo seems to be getting popular, it will be interesting to see what some of these Tribe sites tokens will be worth a year from now.