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RE: **Are you in favor of New Steem?**(Use vs. Abuse)

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Fighting abuse with abuse and hate is like fighting guns with guns. It just created a slaughterhouse. IMO steem is centralized by bitchy whales. Newcomers have no chance at exposure especially with featured whale accounts now. I used bid boys to get exposure. When a good article of mine got to the home page I would then get organic upvotes. Now what's the point of me making a nice informative post to have it seen by no one. I have a ton of followers and still I'm just going to push out C+ material that doesn't take much time bc I can't get it seen. So the bitchy whales have just made the content worse. Steem is pretty much dead to me, but I'll keep pushing out automated dtube posts and I won't take anytime to make the post nice bc it has no chance of getting exposure.


I think the downvoting crew need to read and then reread your response. You have been very active here with creating engagement on the Steem blockchain. Its content creators like yourself that this platform needs but instead are slowly being driven away.

There's a clear difference between abuse and use of bots but the current downvote crew don't want to see that. I can attest to having lots of followers and the toughness of getting noticed. It isn't easy and I agree that bots do help with getting eyes and eventually meaningful upvotes on content. Bot use is almost essential for any new account to grow.

For example, I spent a significant amount of time creating this topic. I then spent another significant amount of time advertising it on various discord servers. Regardless of all that my topic still hasn't got much of a reply from the ones who like downvoting and has only reached $0.26 cents. My poll has also only gotten 12 votes. Usually my next step of advertising would be to push a small $1-$3 upvote on the topic to make it look more desirable thus getting more eyes/upvotes and poll voters but doing so would be considered bot abuse which I think is absurd.