The two Momo 沫沫 + もも playdate.

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Our girl Momo 沫沫 (4 yrs, right) went to play with her frenemy, the boy Momo もも (7 months, left). She was already a bit tired because she went to the dog park earlier that day.


Boy Momo is always super excited to play with another dog. A young pupper needs a lot of exercise and mental stimulation.


But, he can be a bit much for poor girl Momo 沫沫. While she has carefully honed dog-fu skills learned at her exclusive private school, she doesn't have the energy of a young dog. Boy Momo doesn't know when to stop and she doesn't know how to signal she's had enough. You see, we got girl Momo about a year ago and she hadn't been well socialised. She just isn't that assertive.


Boy Momo is a clever young man and he learns commands quickly. Girl Momo came to me for protection. This is the first time I got both dogs to sit and rest for awhile.


Boy Momo has a new toy - a squeaky ball. If there's one game they can agree is more fun than play fighting, it's playing with the squeaky ball. I'd throw the squeaky ball and they'd compete over it. This was a complex game of treachery and turn overs which often included stand offs that lasted for minutes. Girl Momo has better dexterity and judgement while boy Momo is faster.

Time for baths and then naps! Until next time.
(Photos by boy Momo's もも owner. Used with permission)


Very big the love that you feel for the animals "Momo", it is good that you got him a friend, apart from you that shows that you love him very much.
I wish you the best and that you follow the publications of educated and loving dogs.

Cute momos to go with you on hikes!

they look really cute and naughty also...You are lucky to have a garden so it is a bit easy to look after these beauties... :)

The first photo is epic, they both look so happy and full of life! Beautiful dogs, and obviously well cared for as well. I'm sure @saffisara will love these pair, although they might be a bit boisterous for her Bobby.

I was sad to see @c-squared shut down their Witness, will you be relocating your vote? Even if you unvote and leave the vote spare for when you find a replacement it makes the Witness list a little more tidier.

Pampered is probably a better term for these two dogs. I'll look into the witness votes soon. I have a recurring Todo item that pops up every now and then to review votes so would eventually catch this.

Aww, look at this adorable couple :) Sweet pictures.

Dog-fu)))) What that means?)

Dog Kung-Fu. Dog-fu is Momo's 沫沫 favourite fighting style. I tried to teach her Olympic fencing, but she didn't like it.

It could be great to see a few fights!
I have a cat. Maby I will teach it too)

They are so damn cute! Great photos!!! 🤗

This really makes me miss having dogs. もも ? So you know Japanese ? And Chinese it seems ?

I grew up with dogs, and missed having one for my entire adult life. I know a few words in a lot of languages - for fun and travel.

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Thank you @eturnerx. I put a lot of heart in that article. Your recognition is appreciated.