About Downvotes | Something that Steem users never accepted

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  • Steem always had downvotes, a lot of users never accepted them.
  • Flag wars, downvote retaliation and drama engagement happened every day.
Let's talk about the present on Steem.
Downvotes are being used, not as much as they should be and they never will, and this will be one of the reasons I don't have much faith in Steem thriving. There are plenty of reward pool abusers, spammers, circle jerkers and all other type of abusers... but there's nobody to fight against them. All those who were running anti-abuse and anti-spam bots are gone, and all the official abuse fighters like steemcleaners, cheetah and spaminator are pretty much dead.

This opens the door to any kind of selfvoter, friendvoter, spam poster... those that we know a lot about and we know they are abusing the reward pool, to do whatever they want. The koreans will be free to vote their friends all the time without any consequences and the spread of the reward pool will go to a small number of people (even more than what it did before) and the elites will be higher and the small fishes will be even lower on the food chain.

I don't believe this is going to change. You will have people like kingscrown, broncnutz, adsactly, jrcornel, exyle, the koreans (in general) getting a lot more wealthier by the minute and the minnows will be forgotten, I assure you this, without downvotes, the user rettention will drop even more because small users will see stupidly overrewarded people all the time and compare it to their crumbs and well... good luck with that.

Downvotes haven't been hardforked out of Steem (and I doubt the current witnesses have the knowledge to code it) but once they are - if they eventually are, since it was a Justin-promise to get people on his side - I can't wait to watch the show from the sidelines. Oh yeah, I'm not sticking around in the field to see how downvotes unfold.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my post from yesterday about downvotes, you inspired this post.


But I notice a lot of people who campaigned for downvotes now upset about Justin Sun downvoting them. Lets be consistent with this, if before the hard fork 23 you thought it was hurting Steemit the downvote was good, Justin thinks these guys are out to hurt Steemit, but his downvoting is bad. Seems it was always just when it is good for the top guys everything is good when it hurts them it is bad. I personally have never downvoted anyone, dont intend to anywhere and I think downvoting is just a dumbass idea that will always be exploited by the big guys. Examples, big whales on Hive and Steemit and huge whales like Justin Sun on Steemit.

The people upset are not upset because of the downvotes, but by the double standards and enforcing of centralization by a stake that was never supposed to get into governance or post payouts. It's not about the downvote, it's about the message a 40million SP account is sending.

Same thing, when the whales used to do it it was centralization of an idea, you see maybe Bitcoin is more or less decentralized they have millions of miners who set the rules, on Steemit it is just one and on Hive it is just a small group of people who pretend it is decentralized.

You don't get the point, it's literally not the same thing, but cba to get deeper into a back and forth that will bring nothing to the table. Research what stinc was supposed to do and what wasn't supposed to do, and you'll understand why stinc downvoting goes against everything stinc and steem stood up for for years.

Te voy a poner el ejemplo de Honduras, el dinero que el gobierno consigue se supone que es para beneficiar al pueblo, esto por supuesto no sucede asi, una parte si se usa para ese fin la mayor parte no algo asi como el ninja mined stake. En cuanto a lo de decentralizacion, si tuvieramos un dictador que solo el decide todo tendriamos a Steemit en el futuro cercano, pero en realidad lo que tenemos es un dictador, un jefe de las fuerzas armadas y una elite de unas 20 familias que deciden todo. Ninguno es decentralizado y las decisiones que se toman no son para el beneficio de la gente sino para beneficiar a este pequeño grupo, algo asi como era Steemit antes, y probablemente como va a ser Hive. Yo estoy en las dos, pero el futuro asi lo miro.

It is sad but you are absolutely right and unfortunately, the little flame of Steemit is already in complete extinction, it will remain as you say, for Justin and his friends, or those who are faithful to him. Thanks to you and all the witnesses for this fight to create a new chain, in fact I'm in HIVE with the hope that it will be much better than Steemit. While it is true that one does not cease to miss Steem because it was our beginning, it is no less true that there were many things that were never right, I hope that it will be taken into account and that the mistakes will be corrected in HIVE. There is hope, I have hope that HIVE will be much better if it has that flame that inspired it that we are all the believing souls and survivors of Steemit. Thank you for these publications that allow us to express ourselves about these issues. A hug, dear Eric. @anomadsoul