Some numbers around those votes that are in the opposite direction to 'up'

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I saw an open request in a post yesterday to have a look at some data behind everyone's favorite topic, and so what else is there to do at 10 pm on a Monday evening?


Also it would be really cool for some people to get some benchmark data on daily downvotes and publish to the community whether that increases or decreases after the hard fork.

OK, so I'm a little early but will have another look in another month or two. And this gives people a chance to suggest other data that I could add, like value of downvotes in VESTS. That one would be a bit of a bugger, and also doesn't account for the VEST value (?) of a downvote from an account loaded up with a Tribe token.

Maybe total daily payouts in VESTS could be worth looking at too?

Anyway, this is what I've got today.

These accounts are the most frequent downvoters since March 1st 2019. They are included in the first chart of each section, and excluded in the second.

AccountDV Count

Daily downvote counts since March

Weight of daily downvotes since 1st March 2019

A 100% downvote is stored as -10000 in the Database, a 1% downvote is -100.

And so 10,000,000 weight is = to 1000 100% downvotes. I've tidied the numbers up a bit in the summary.

Monthly averages and totals

'Weight in 100% downvotes' means that the total weight of the downvotes in a given month was equivalent to that number of 100% downvotes.

Including the top 10 downvoters by count

MonthDaily Count AvWeight in 100% downvotes

Excluding the top 10 downvoters by count

MonthDaily Count AvWeight in 100% downvotes

Back of cigarette packet summary

March was busy by count (flag war in progress?) but April tops the number of downvotes by weight.

May and June were quiet on both numbers in comparison to earlier in the year.

July, the counts are back up again. Perhaps the Tribes are the reason, even though the likes of @cheetah isn't staked up with the likes of SPORTS, they are still downvoting those on their list (who have potentially returned due to the lack of stake held in the tribes by the 'cleaners'?)

I guess an update in a month or two is on the cards then, if there is anyone left, j/k.



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It could also be because people on the tribes are more likely to flag for mis-categorization of content which will also flag on Steem.

That too. The mod accounts could well be contributing to the numbers a fair amount this past month.

Perhaps i'll try to remove those next time around, and maybe what the + 10 k SP holders have done (10k a random number plucked from thin air and open to change).

Or maybe group them by the numbers I give you? (That you haven't asked for for a little while :) )

Number of unique accounts dving would be interesting.

Good (and easy) one, thanks!

Nice, it sets a benchmark so we can watch it! Much appreciated.

Thanks. I think it needs more, and so if you have any ideas for next time feel free :)

Great list. Are all the pople on it cleaners? I think tag abuse is gonna be most famous, especially with 10 tags.

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They are not all cleaners, at least one of them is a total $^&$##! !!%$$ :)

I think tag abuse is a popular reason for the mods within the tribes bringing the DV's out at present. It seems that for example, some people think that just because they have 10 LEO vested, they are allowed to tag all their post with #steemleo. grrrrrrrr!

The people downvoting who appear to be randomly doing it out of spite for a good amount of people are the worst. Atleast their trash will be less visible in tribes where they can be muted by the mods.

I'm thinking of turning off my ac to save money #investing #steemleo =)

Fortunately all the decent tribes have powerful downvote bots that can flag idiots.

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Yeah and that's happening from a few accounts, not many at all though.

A little centralisation is working quite well I think.

Coininstant is a total airbag and throwing Flags for nothing?...

Yeah the system is ripe for abuse..

But hang on we can fight back together.

We will see how life works out.

Yes I would say airbag is the polite way to describe :)

It will be very interesting to see if the downvoting will get crazy soon...

I'd like to see sensible over crazy :)

I hope the majority of creators will not see any downvotes and can just get on with what they are doing, but those who are soiling trending and pushing out rubbish only to apply stake could well be receiving more visitors. Or, nothing changes and STEEM continues its fall.

Good reference for HF21! :)
Taking the sum of weights is only one aspect though. A 1% spaminator/steemcleaners flag will have a very much different effect than dozens of 15-SP 100% flags. And then there are the tribes with own stakes.

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A dollar value would have been nice to see. People like myself do not understand the vest weight and such, what we do understand is that for the month of March $10,000.00, (ten thousand dollars) worth of steem was returned to the reward pool.

The primary reason for the down vote pool, and free down votes after all is to decrease shit post/bot voted post, payouts and return the funds to the reward pool.

It is nice though to see that some numbers will be tracked, and we will be able to look back and see the effect.

There will have to be a cultural shift in the way downvotes are used. Now they seem to be used to punish the individual and not the post. I think we need to have an upvote and a downvote button on the bottom of each post so that it feels like an equally valid response to what has just been presented in the post and it's payout. I would also like to see some way of combating the abuse of downvotes which is likely to happen, These are just some thoughts I have had. It will be very interesting to see how all this plays out and it is great to see this before and after, thanks.

A good base of data to use when Hard Fork 21 comes around and adds even more flexibility!

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if there is anyone left

The bots will still be here!

I'm probably just bad at comments. That was yesterday:

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They are known downvoters and should leave you alone shortly :(

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I'm aware of what they are. Just wanted to add some cases to your numbers

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