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RE: Do we forget about those who buy STEEM in the market? we want to kill small and large investors with the flag war spreading like a wind on Steemit now.

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Hi @xpilar, thank you for this post and for opening the eyes of an usual user showing how the investors who were in the beginning came to their SP. For many maybe it feels like that people did posts without anything paid in, but it is a truth many of you, guys who paid into the system to build it up and also supporting the little accounts in order to have a life in it like in aquarium feeding little fishes to help them to grow.

With new system of Downvotes everyone if a "police" and will be punishing anyone who they think do not deserve, but we are all different if one person does not like something then the others may like it.

There are few Big acocunt holder who randomly going around and downvoting those whose payout will be above 10, I even am not sure if those guys looking through the blogs and reading them, most likely not. They just do not care.

They just want to show that they "policing " today you and tomorrow me, but who will check the "police". Many people now give their votes to trials for downvoting as I heard because they "trust" those persons, but in real life in police made something wrong there is dep-t of internal affairs who checking if that was right or wrong. Here in Steemit there is nothing and even those guys do not bother to leave an explanation for their action.

There are many factors that contribute into low Steemit activities like low Steem price, downvote war of even Big accounts without explanation, that can make the smaller users as well as new users scared and I do not think new people will decide to join Steemit.

From your point of you, you have done so much for many users and communities, awarding the efforts of people to create the stories and see that support that sometimes more than their own posts, without your support of @Art-venture Magazine we probably have not gone so far. I am glad you did this post as not many know what is behind the scene and on and off we should remind them.

Wishing you nice Sunday


Thank you for your feedback @stef1

Unfortunately, some of the police officers here have a different agenda and it is decided without a trial in the back room for closed doors.

And there are only a few of those who answer me about what's going on

I have gotten in the way of those with my statements and it is clear that they do not like it.
I want to continue to shed light on what is happening for the way it is now I am afraid they are killing investors and users