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RE: Do we forget about those who buy STEEM in the market? we want to kill small and large investors with the flag war spreading like a wind on Steemit now.

in #downvote2 years ago

Have you read the whitepaper? Downvotes have always been thought as a tool to go against self and group voting behaviour. It's a basic part of the concept of rewarding the best content, not the people with the biggest wallets.

Don't worry about the investors. I know quite a few who buy exactly because they finally have a way to do something against the self rewarding which has become a habit in the last years. If we can turn this ship around and start to care about content instead of people, steem will have a chance to grow again.


Hi @pharesim

yes, I read it when I joined in July 2016
after that, I relate to Steemit FAQ

It's nice to hear that there are investors buying now

Don't worry about the investors.....