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RE: Do we forget about those who buy STEEM in the market? we want to kill small and large investors with the flag war spreading like a wind on Steemit now.

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very interesting friend in 2016, this is a good example, it should be copied by many people, thank you @ xpilar for sharing our experiences. can I hire a delegation with you?


thank you so much @muntaharaceh

how much steem are you thinking about leasing?

it's up to best friend @xpilar to give me a sincere origin, I didn't force my friend, because I rented this so I could help others too. this is my email throw muntahar207@gmail

I will be in touch @muntaharaceh

yes thanks best friend @xpilar. I am with Steemit so I can help those who are difficult, hopefully I can help, social assistance with this Steemit company.