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RE: Do we forget about those who buy STEEM in the market? we want to kill small and large investors with the flag war spreading like a wind on Steemit now.

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Flagg should be there to stop Spam / plagiarism and stop scams
I answered yes to that, but now it is also used to curb payments on posts even though they have quality, but they earn too much get a massive downvote. I was also asked if this happened to me and yes I replied it has happened and with several of my friends at Steemit.

Below extract from, CLIK HERE, Wondering how Steemit works, read STEEMIT FAQ?

What are the valid reasons for downvoting?

Users are allowed to downvote for any reason that they want. There are many users in the community who recommend only using the downvote on posts that are abusive. It is up to you if you want to follow this etiquette.


Does a downvote mean that I did something wrong?
Just because you received a downvote does not mean that you did something wrong. The downvoting person may have just been voting to reallocate the rewards in a way that they felt was more beneficial to the other active posts in the platform. Often users will leave a comment explaining why they downvoted, but sometimes they might not. If they left a reason, it is up to you to determine if you did anything wrong, and if there is anything you want to change.

i added high light to some text


Hi @michealb

You and I are not completely disagreeing with everything.

But several users have a double morale here