So Triggered Right Now

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You ever mean to write something in pure scathing hatred and then find yourself deleting it or putting it off until you're not furious?

Somewhat glad I was busy yesterday.

I don't know how I missed this because my feed is very light with less than 100 followed. Saw it 4 days after it was posted.

For The First Time I Might Be Losing Faith In Steem.

  • Oh, this should be good.
  • So why has he lost his faith?

I guess everyone has at least one QQ-I-got-downvoted post.

Just look at how many big faces of Steem decided to pop in there and voice their opinion. We got wolf in there and dan and marky and vandeberg (steemit dev). The irony of a bid bot operator who created a service that forced Steem to pivot to free downvotes chiming in here is not lost on me.

Steemit is weird.

Straight up millionaires (in my opinion) in here arguing over trifles. Ah, these are the days. When the market picks back up they'll be gone and we'll have much bigger things to worry about.


Just a reminder.

No, it's not censorship. Your post still appears on the feed of every single one of your followers. Ironically, when your followers see that you've been downvoted to zero, what are they going to say?

Oh shit! Drama! Better click this.

That's right, when you get downvoted to zero it's the opposite of censorship. More people are tuning in than would be otherwise.


Now that post is paying out $11 (higher than my average) for a one minute video, and the QQ-I-got-flagged post is paying out $24. Laughable. Crying pays here at Steem. Trust me, I know from experience.


As someone who has picked fights with The Sanders I find this thread hilarious, embarrassing, and infuriating all at the same time. But then it tempers into understanding because I was there once.


Got over it real quick though.

Glad I didn't go ham on this one and tag everyone while insulting multiple people like I was planning. Watching someone not give the slightest care about downvotes until they actually got downvoted (and it didn't even matter) really triggers me pretty bad.

I find myself questioning why I would have money invested in a platform that silences me and inhibits my ability to have my voice heard and make an income.




Yes, tell me more about how you've powered up half your earnings and sold the rest.

  • Steem offers us all a shitting paying job, and we take it. #YOLO
    • He makes more than the vast majority.
  • I've never powered down and pumped thousands into this network.
  • He's Bitcoin maximalist adjacent; doing quite well with those investments.
    • Steem isn't one of them.

Alright, rant over.

I'm glad we had this talk.

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That’s about what I told him in the comments.

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Yeah I was going to rage on all the comments 4 days late.
Read them all.
Totally worth it.

I read all your replies too...i learnt a lot.

You really should have used this one of acid's: :D

the person parodied is the 8th highest rewarded on the platform yet holds half the Steem you do and drops links for votes in every place that a link can be cut and pasted.


Sounds about right.
In the end Steem the network must stand alone and prove itself.
All these perceived negative personal experiences are just noise to be ignored.

Yep. It is a pity so many of them are rewarded for their entitled complaints.