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RE: Do we forget about those who buy STEEM in the market? we want to kill small and large investors with the flag war spreading like a wind on Steemit now.

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I agree with you my friend @xpilar

Everything you said is very clear and we see what is happening right now, not promotion service and less content.

Those downvoters just give a downvote because they see a high rewards but they don’t read the full content and check if the content is original.

I received 37 downvotes in just one of my publication in the past, original content.. After that I understood the important of my publications, if I continue receiving those negative votes in my next publications, maybe my account could be deeper with not visibility.

Nobody knows how to use downvote section and the majority don’t know why this section is for, You said something very important this section is available to stop abusers, plagiarism, spam .. but someone understands that this one is available to stop writers..

I like Steemit, I’m a small investor, I buy Steem to donate others who need it for food or for increase their SP. I bought the majority of my SP. Any cents I got it is Power Up..

Never give up my friend, we have to fight with all of challenges here and abusers called downvoters..!!

The best for you my friend, keep working amazingly well..!!

@tipu curate


thank's for your feedback @edgarare1

Yes, we must work for a better society

Yeah, we are doing our best right now..!!

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I went back a month in your history and didn't see you receiving a single downvote...when did that happen?

Hello my friend @pharesim thanks a lot for your kind reply..!!

Well here is the link, you can check the content, in this publication I was trying to promote Steem one more time. The original autor is mentioned in the publication.

And I was wondering way those people downvoted this content, it was before starts the newsteem. The video has an amazing message for all of us..!!

Well my friend , past is the past.. Now we are in a new era..!!

Have an amazing day..!!

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The video has an amazing message for people outside of steem.
Reposting it here and rewarding yourself with bid bots for doing so doesn't do anything good to anyone.

Yeah, my friend you are amazingly right..!!

And I took that message positively and stop using bots.

I understood that more engagement and feedback is much better than raise faster..!!

Have a great time and thanks a lot for reminding me it again..!!!

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