Muddy Mutt Mor-mor (沫沫) goes to Horotiu dog park

in dogsofsteemit •  10 months ago 

Mor-mor (沫沫) the Labrador is learning to recognise that the words "dog park" means fun is coming. Her ears perk up and she pays extra attention. She was grinning like a mad thing all the way there.

We have arrived and she can hardly wait to go play.

But she has to wait. It's an important part of her training that she learns to be a little bit patient.

There were no other dogs there just yet so Mor-mor started with her detective work. What does she nose?

It takes a treat or two to get her up the ramp onto this obedience obstacle. From here, the Princess can survey her kingdom.

Oh, it's her favourite mud puddle and it needs a dog to swim in it. Mor-mor always considers the plight of poor swimmerless mud holes.

Time to zoom out looking for somebody's legs to wipe off upon.

She doesn't like fetching sticks, she likes competing with me for objects.

Grab at speed.

Steady on the run.

Drop and guard. She dares me to pickup the stick quicker than her.

Finally, a quick hose down and it's time to go for a proper dog bath.

Back home, she chews on a cow hoof. For some reason she prefers my biscuits.

Until next time

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Greetings dear friend @eturnerx

It shows that she had a lot of fun but surely she would have enjoyed it more if some friends had arrived to play.
She is beautiful. Could you tell me how old is she?

Your friend, Juan.

A lot of dogs did come to play with her. I didn't take photos because some dog owners can be a bit funny about it.

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...some dog owners can be a bit funny about it.

I never imagined that anyone could bother about it. On the contrary, proud owners always like them to appreciate the beauty of their pets.
Definitely, Every head is a world!

Pd: I would like to know her name. I apologize, but I can't see it in the post, maybe because of limitations in the translation. Her name is "mor-mor"?

Some dog owners are concerned about kidnappings if people get to know a high value dog frequents a particular park. Especially since this park is off leash so the owner might be some distance away. I think most owners wouldn't mind if I asked. It's not usually illegal to take photos in public places here - but it is often impolite.
Yes, her name is 沫沫 which sounds like Mor-mor.

I understand the concern of the owners, they are right.
Thanks for your attentive answers, you are really kind.

沫沫 is a beautiful Labrador. Give her a lot of love.

Thank you for your replies dear @eturnerx, you´re so kind.

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Your friend, Juan

Awesome dog.

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@eturnerx Mor-mor is a beauty, it shows that he had a lot of fun, what a joy, thanks for sharing this pleasant experience of Mor-mor in the park.

Buenas noches amigo @eturnerx deseo que se encuentre bien al igual que su familia . Su perro es muy lindo amigo y le gusta compartir con usted y cuando se siente cansado se mete donde hay agua o humedad así mismo es mi perro . Que tenga una feliz noche amigo.

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